NSA Scandal - Real Or Psy-Op: Character Named Snowden 'Spills His Guts' In The Book Catch-22

Follow up on: NSA Psy-Op? Big Brother 'Disclosure' To Bring In Chill Factor - Inform John Q. Public That He's 'Snowden' 6-11-13 "Going big with the chill factor. And as usual hiding clues in plain sight, in this case by use once again of the 'name game'...The message is in the name...At any rate, working with the 'chill factor' theme, the tie-in to the name of the principal actor in NSA-leak boy is somewhat obvious - Snowden...Seems that this very well could be the 'hidden' message - snowed in - that is, that it is to get soooo chilly now, that John Q. will be effectually 'snowed in'...[see post]
Inquirer Editorial: Snowden's secret resolves catch-22

[Excerpted] Fans of Joseph Heller's Catch-22 can't help but hear an echo of the novel's plot in the real-life drama playing out over the leak of information about massive U.S. government spying programs.

One of Heller's central characters was Snowden, an airman who was mortally wounded by flak on a bombing run, and who was tended to by the novel's protagonist, Capt. John Yossarian. As Yossarian patches a leg wound for Snowden, he gradually realizes that the airman has sustained devastating wounds to his torso. Peeling back Snowden's flak jacket, Yossarian recoils in horror as Snowden's intestines spill out and Snowden dies amid the gore.

The encounter radically alters Yossarian's outlook on the war and life. And the parallels with the NSA leaker go beyond the name. Indeed, Edward Snowden's figuratively spilling his guts on domestic spying in the United States could fundamentally alter the wholesale surveillance born of the war on terrorism.

The novel Catch-22, like it says on the cover, is a "classic bestseller". Coming from this famous book, the phrase 'catch-22' has made it's way into common usage in the English language. Basically a 'catch-22' is "an impossible situation where you are prevented from doing one thing until you have done another thing that you cannot do until you have done the first thing" [link].

The book itself is not the subject here though, but the author of the above article does draw an interesting parallel between the Catch-22 idea and the so-called NSA-scandal [see article]. The purpose here, very briefly, is simply to note what is brought out in the above article, in particular the highly unlikely correlation between the character in the book and the character at the center of the current 'global spy-scandal', and the virtual impossibility of assigning these things to random chance. Namely, that it is "coincidental" that the 'NSA leak' situation now playing out before the world could figuratively portray the fate of a character with the same name in, not just any book now, but a book generally considered to be one of the greatest works of American literature over the last century.

What are the odds? Same name, Snowden, and same action, spilling his guts - the reality is that the odds of it are incalculable.

Hidden in plain sight - many times over apparently. Anybody still not convinced?
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 2:2-3 'The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.'

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columjaddica said...

You're not the only one who noticed this strange "coincidence". Considering the massive hoax news campaign going on, where we get a dozen strange hoaxes a day, I don't see shy Snowden would be any different.

It implies that they are aiming to change American behavior.

I'm finding the the events of the past year or so very disturbing. It seems things are quickening.

I found the below article posted on a forum recently, I thought it was fairly interesting. Not only the points within, but the fact that somebody bothered to go back to a 2010 article and add the Miley wrecking ball image.

The last paragraph is especially revealing.


I swear, the way these stories are coming, they are really shoving it in our faces. I have this feeling of impending conflict because I don't see how they can keep this up, pushing the limits, it seems very risky as if they are actually seeking conflict.