Man Who Caused Poison Scare On United Jet Ranted About "National Security And CIA", Then Lost 'Liberty'

Disruptive man on United jet taken off flight after poison scare

Passengers aboard a flight from Hong Kong jumped on a man who began ranting about national security and the CIA, then bound his hands and feet for the final six hours of the flight to the United States on Monday...The man, described by passengers as an American, asked that United Airlines Flight 116 be diverted to Canada as he screamed about being afraid of the FBI and of being poisoned, passengers said.

"He was clearly not stable," said passenger Jacques Roizen of New York...Roizen said he, other passengers and a flight attendant jumped on the man and subdued him when he started reaching for his pockets hours before the plane landed at Liberty Airport in Newark.

While the plane was still in the air, the FBI said that the man had claimed everyone aboard was being poisoned, but the agency later said it was working to clarify just what the man said...Passenger Peter Jones of Washington said he heard the man claim he himself was going to be poisoned..."He said someone was going to poison him," Jones said...Roizen said "He was very paranoid,"....

As the details come out it seems that this story may be another one to file in the category of current events that somehow always play perfectly into the 'current narrative'. According to the 'eyewitnesses' it turns out that the man was not threatening that all passengers on board had been poisoned, but "that he himself was going to be poisoned". Considering the rest of the story, as reported, i.e. the "ranting about national security and the CIA... [and]...being afraid of the FBI and being poisoned", the only logical explanation for his behavior would obviously have to in some way be related to the recent NSA 'scandal'.

The story does seem to be full of suggestion - for instance that to question 'government surveillance' means that a person is 'unstable' and 'paranoid', because the only people who would do that must believe that 'government is out to get them'. Also interesting to note is that a diagonal flip of the flight number (#116) gives a '911'; and just one more thing - that the incident happened on the way to "Liberty" (airport). In a strange way it almost seems like an inference could be drawn between 'questioning' and 'loss of liberty'. Just noticing...

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 Rev. 18:4
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Anonymous said...

Nice post. I saw this piece of news cross my path and wanted to look into this story more but neglected to do so. I knew that the MSM would dump it as fast as they could and write the schmuck off as a loony without trying to report on him and why he spout off like that. I write a lot about not trusting the US government, I don't shout it from the check out line at the supermarket but all the same I'm sure I'd be labeled nutzo too

tom m. said...

We're living in a make-believe world.....