Do You Know About "Smart Meters"? Purpose Is To Monitor You In Your Home

The Big Brother "smart meter" revolution has been underway for a few years and is now on full speed ahead:

Smart Meter Update: 1/3 Households Own a Smart Meter 5-24-12 "Electric utility companies have been making good progress upgrading their customer base with smart meters, and a new study shows that nearly one in three households now have a smart meter, up from one in four households just last September. The Institute or Electric Efficiency (IEE) produced a report May with the results, and it projected that by mid-decade more than half the households in the US will have a smart meter.

“Our results show that electric utilities are committed to upgrading their customers’ meters as part of the industry’s overall goal to modernize the nation’s electric grid,” said Lisa Wood, IEE’s Executive Director. “By the end of this year, we predict that 22 electric utilities in 16 states will have smart meters installed system wide.""

(Reportedly, the utility companies do not always disclose opt-out options to customers, and increasingly it seems that the meters are being mandated in many areas in the U.S. and worldwide. fyi: There is a "NOTICE OF NO CONSENT TO TRESPASS AND SURVEILLANCE, NOTICE OF LIABILITY" form letter on the Youtube page for this video)

"Smart meters" - know about them.
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