Chicago NATO 2012 - Police State USA: "Cops As Far As The Eye Can See"

ORWELLIAN RIOT GEAR: Police “As Far As the Eye Can See” globalresearch.ca

[Eyewitness account from the recent North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meeting in Chicago, May 20-21, 2012; excerpted]

"The overwhelming police presence on the streets was mind boggling. They were also out in force at every metro stop, waiting on line to use the bathrooms at downtown restaurants. They were everywhere, in their spanking clean uniforms, their shiny new helmets, perfect for photo ops.

There were more of them on the streets than protesters, most of the time. You saw them on foot, on horses, Segways, and bicycles (one cop told me they could use some new ones), in SUVs, police cars, helicopters and city buses with LED signs that blinked “Chicago, My Kind of Town.”

Officers were used as human barricades in an effort to keep the demonstrators on main arteries, but when protesters changed course in their uncharted marches they were permitted to go where they wanted to avoid confrontation, as long as they didn’t try to get too close to McCormick Place where the NATO summit and many of the dignitaries were staying.

Here are cops as far as the eye can see on Michigan Ave, keeping watch on about 200 protesters who were hanging out in Grant Park":

The band is ready, and the Fat Lady is on stage clearing her throat. The globalist "transformers" have been successful. The permanent "transformation" of the USA into a bona fide NWO police state is virtually complete. fyi

Rev. 18:4

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Anonymous said...

the people of chicago are in a fishbowl police state....i was there this weekend and the oppressively demanding police state has reached a feverish high point....may God help the innocent people who are just trying to survive and make a living and support their families...I am disgusted at what that city has turned into