"Intellistreets": Wireless Talking Streetlights w/Cameras Stalking Your Every Move Coming To Your City

0:15 "...that voice you hear came from this streetlight"
1:20 "...even counts people for police"
1:30 "if they want, they can even take my picture...the system is also capable of recording conversations"
1:50 "...by spring of next year, there is a good chance you will see them popping up in your city"
2:05 "...Harwood already has orders from cities across metro Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburg, and he's working with Homeland Security"

Amerlux Partners with Illuminating Concepts and IntelliStreets to Develop SmartSite State of the Art LED Street Lighting and Network Control System

FAIRFIELD, N.J., May 3, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Amerlux has partnered with Illuminating Concepts and IntelliStreets to create the SmartSite state of the art LED street lighting and network control system. Amerlux, a manufacturer of a broad array of optically superior, energy efficient lighting solutions for the retail, supermarket, hospitality, commercial and outdoor lighting markets, has supplied the LED-equipped luminaires and is marketing the system across North America. SmartSite(TM), powered by IntelliStreets, is the world's most technically advanced street lighting system which integrates energy efficient LED lighting technology with a robust, bi-directional mesh network control system that manages lighting, audio, video and energy usage throughout urban, suburban and college environments. SmartSite will be on display at the Amerlux booth #3516 at Lightfair International in Las Vegas from May 9th through the 11th.

SmartSite luminaires can be equipped with a variety of cameras and sensors to ensure real-time 24/7-security coverage. The sensors detect a variety of threats that enable rapid response from emergency personnel or help prevent crime and gain control of the streets. Using LED technology, the luminaires provide consistent light dispersal, backed by a centralized remote control of lighting, signage and audio messaging that allow pedestrians to be ushered quickly and safely to the nearest route during storm warnings, events or emergencies.

Using SmartSite, powered by IntelliStreets, locally in real-time can have very positive impacts for the public during major natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, or even terrorist attacks. Localized voice messages can relay the real information that people need to know about the emergency and any action needed to be taken.

The system also links into the Amber Alert Center, the emergency response system that disseminates information about missing persons, usually children, and enlists the public's help to find them and catch their abductors.

SmartSite is perfectly suited for installation in retail malls, sports venues, on college campuses, and in new construction.
Intellistreets promo video:

This post is a follow up on: NWO Update: Total Surveillance In New Amerika 5-8-12 "...the NWO self-proclaimed elite intend to make "monitoring and curtailing" a fact of life just about anywhere one may go in New Amerika" [see post]

They talk, they listen, they photograph, they count, they give orders. Sounds more like "illuminati" concepts than "Illuminating Concepts". At any rate, Big Brother is getting a new 24/7 "network control system", and plans to be stalking not only city streets, but malls, college campuses, sports venues, and the suburbs too. Be informed.
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