Australians Face Big Brother Crackdown July 1st: Speaking Against "Carbon Tax" To Bring Fine Up To 1.1 Million

Australians Face Huge Fines For Speaking Ill Of New Carbon Tax

Praised by Barack Obama as a model for the world, Australia’s highly unpopular carbon tax, set to take effect from July 1st, is set to be policed by laws which forbid business owners from criticizing it for causing price rises – with thought criminals who do so under threat of being hit with huge fines of over $1 million dollars.

“SHOPS and restaurants could face fines up to $1.1 million if waiters or sales staff wrongly blame the carbon tax for price rises or exaggerate the impact,” reports the
Daily Telegraph.

According to ACCC deputy chairman Dr Michael Schaper, the warning applies, “to comments made by staff over the phone, on the shop floor or in meetings. It also covers advertising, product labels, websites, invoices, contracts and contract negotiations.”

This draconian measure will be enforced by teams of “carbon cops” who roam the streets conducting snap inspections of businesses to ensure they are not making any reference to the tax.

The characterization of dissent against the carbon tax as a criminal offense exemplifies how the measure passed last year goes way beyond merely forcing Australia’s top 500 companies to pay an extra $23.78 per each tonne of CO2 emitted. The system will be rolled into a carbon trading system by 2015.

“And soon, we will send billions of dollars overseas to buy useless pieces of paper called carbon credits.
re: model for the world

Carbon dioxide, or simply "carbon", according to those pushing the planetary-domination scheme known as the global green-agenda, is THEE main contributor to the supposed "earth-destroying climate change threat" the world is now facing. And, of course, as carbon dioxide is a by-product of that nasty ol' so-called fossil-fuel which is gumming up the works on this planet, as the official storyline goes, it ultimately must be done away with. Oil makes carbon. Carbon bad. Oil must go bye bye, say the would-be global slave masters.

This is where the "carbon tax" comes into the picture. Phasing out "fossil fuels" and replacing them with "earth-friendly" forms of "renewable energy" like wind and solar is to be accomplished through heavy taxes on "carbon producers" - which is every form of industry on the planet, as well as limiting the amount of carbon any will be allowed to produce - all to save the earth, of course. Once it gets going, as is happening now in Australia, it will spread across the globe, there will be no stopping it. see: "Mexico City Pact": Mayors Of World's Cities Sign Global Agreement, Join "Carbon Cities Climate Registry"

(Which actually brings up another issue, namely, is not the "fossil fuel" storyline actually just another fairy tale from the social engineers of the novus ordo seclorum? - and/or is it not much more probable that the earth actually manufactures oil itself, deep down in the inner recesses? - which is to say that there could never be any shortage. But that is another topic.)

Abundant oil means freedom to the common man. Air travel, the personal automobile, etc., as well as all the comforts of modern life. Freedom for the common man, though, is not to be permitted in the now materializing global system being constructed [here and here]. The common man is to have every aspect of his being micromanaged in the ZWO (Zionist World Order). Human cattle, herded onto cattle ranches, branded (666) and possessed. Do not be possessed.

This system, as foretold in the Word of God, believe it or not, is being constructed for the coming Satanic superman - the biblical Antichrist. Can you see it? (Rev. 13:1,7,8-9)

Heavy regulation of all-things 'carbon' is designed to get the ball rolling. The Aussies are about to get the first taste of the new "carbon tax", and they better not make a peep about it either, says the beast, or else. Rev. 18:4

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Rev. 13:9 'If any man have an ear, let him hear'

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