NWO Nuclear Phase Out Advancing: Japan Shuts Down Last Working Reactor; Called "Opportunity" To Go Green

Follow up on: Fukushima Causes Beginning Of NWO's Global "Nuclear Phase Out": Italy Opts In 6-18-11 "Germany, Switzerland, and Japan have officially declared government efforts to phase out nuclear power..."Still believe that the 'Fukushima crisis' is real?"..."But exactly what has the reported "Fukushima nuclear meltdown" really done? Only fast forwarded in miraculous fashion the kabalist global agenda to deconstruct western industrialized society in order to replace it with totalitarian control of the planet through a restrictive 'green' regulatory framework by which governments, industry, and people are to be micromanaged worldwide. That is fact...The non-elite classes are to become slaves of the would-be masters of humanity, literally owned and kept in little green cages with no more than a wind turbine and a solar panel allocated to each (and no car - ride the rail). Sounds ludicrous but it is not at all far from the truth." [see post]
Japan shuts down last working nuclear reactor

Japan is shutting down its last working nuclear reactor as part of the safety drive imposed after the March 2011 tsunami triggered a meltdown at the Fukushima plant.

The closure of the third reactor at the Tomari plant in Hokkaido prefecture, northern Japan, means all of the country's 50 nuclear reactors have been taken offline, leaving the country with no nuclear-derived electricity for the first time since 1970.

Until last year's earthquake and tsunami triggered radiation leaks at Tokyo Electric Power's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan was the world's third-biggest user of atomic energy.

All the reactors have been shut down for routine maintenance. They must withstand tests against earthquakes and tsunamis, and local authorities must give their consent in order for plants to restart.

(1:40) like every other challenge this does present to Japan an opportunity to exploit some of it's other abilities to generate energy including geothermal power...

(2:05) and...Japan's...proximity to the ocean is actually something that can be used - exploited for generating tidal power...or even differential in tempartures or ocean currents can be used to generate power...experimental technologies at the moment but Japan could become a leading nation in those type of generation technique...

(3:45) we're going to see this coming to a head quite soon
Shutting down nuclear and shifting to 'green' power means only one thing to the people of the earth - total enslavement. And what you are witnessing here is the out-working of exactly that. This latest advance in the NWO global nuclear phase-out agenda, once again, only made possible as result of Japan's 9/11 on 3/11/11 - Fukushima. Amazing how that works like that. At any rate, the kabalist-globalists energy-restricting agenda is moving evermore rapidly now, and in Japan, which is leading the way, these controversial "nuclear-power issues" will be "coming to a head quite soon" - exactly as scripted. Be aware - it's you they fully intend to 'restrict'. Follow links, connect dots:

Italy Voting On Ending Nuclear Power 6-12-11 ""following the nuclear crisis at...Fukushima"...the baton is now passed to Italy to move toward the planned earth-wide nuclear power phase-out, exactly as called for by the globalist 'green-enslavement' master plan. How convenient...Still believe that the 'Fukushima crisis' is real? Is not the bigger picture here painfully obvious? Solar and wind baby, remember?" [see post]

Engineered Floods? North Dakota Flood Nuclear Plant Crisis Playing Into 'Global Nuclear Phase Out' 6-26-11 Amazing, perhaps, to some, but beyond the possibility of chance to others is the way in which this North Dakota 'nuke-plant-endangering' flood is lending itself perfectly to the advancement of the population-controlling global green agenda...which agenda is clearly delineated in the quote by Karl Grossman of 'Scientific America' in the above posted article - "solar, wind, and geothermal [baby]"

NWO Nuclear Phase Out Update: 4 Generator Failures At US Plants, Say They 10-10-11 "...and understand what the loss of relatively cheap abundant electricity, which is what nuclear plants provide for much of the earth's populations, signifies. It signifies clearly that the very late-stage development of the globalist plan for totalitarian control of the planet by way of the great green scam is on...big time...The global serfdom cannot be allowed access to abundant cheap electricity, e.g. nuclear, for this gives them far too much freedom and makes it hard to control them - so it has to be taken away. Enter the the 'great green scam'. Solar and wind and grow your own food and ride rail. That's the plan...666 plantation slaves...believe it or not."
"The fourth beast shall devour the earth...[and]...ten kings shall arise" Dan. 7:23-24 [Bible prophecy: here]

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