Hey America Drones Really Are Coming Says Fox News 'Infomercial'

Update on: US Congress Passes "FAA Reauthorization Act": 30,000 Drones By 2020 2-8-12 "A totalitarian global society requires absolute surveillance of it's subjects. Drones quietly flying high above with cameras scanning the geographic grids night and day can go a long way in achieving that. The 666 NWO is now "expediting" the program so federal, state, and local police can monitor your 'grid'. Be informed.
:20 "I don't want regulations, I don't want restrictions, I want a ban on this. Drones are instruments of war. The Founders had a great aversion to any instruments of war, the use of the military inside even the United States. It didn't like standing armies, it has all kinds of statutes against using the army in the country.....I don't want to see it hovering over anyone's home."

2:50 "...we are gonna see these around the country and they will be used for uses not yet considered and the result will be to lessen our privacy"

3:44 "I don't want a society where there are these objects hovering over streaming real time information about you, your family, your car, your location"

4:00 "This is part of a long term trend...the militarization of police departments....you don't see soldiers on the street in this country...that is changing"

Despite the claimed 'opposition', this little NWO Bureau of Propaganda round table discussion is simply part of the drone marketing campaign, serving to familiarize and desensitize John Q. to the fact that... "we [really] are gonna see them in this country"...and that in reality this is just part of the overall "militarization of police departments", which is to include "soldiers on the streets" too. Just letting you know - NWO

Global dictatorship controlled militarily, USA not excluded. You are living to see it. The Word of God tells us it eventually will prove to be the 666 kingdom of the Antichrist. Believe it or not. Rev. 18:4

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'The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces' 1 Sam. 2:10

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