NWO Update: Total Surveillance In New Amerika - License Plate Tracking Spreading

License Plate Tracking Spreads beyond Criminal Suspects

From Tennessee to the District of Columbia, police are using mobile and stationary surveillance cameras to collect and store license plates of residents who have committed no crime—so that they can be found if they ever do.

“I’m sure that there’s going to be people out there that say this is an invasion of privacy,” Detective James Kemp of Gallatin County told The Tennessean. But “the possibilities are endless there for solving crimes. It’s just a multitude of information out there—to not tap into it to better protect your citizens, that’s ludicrous.”

Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union’s technology and liberty program, expressed concern over D.C.’s “large database of innocent people’s comings and goings.” He told The Washington Post: “The government has no business collecting that kind of information on people without a warrant.”

Others predict that the technology will be declared constitutional because license plates are displayed in public, so there is no invasion of privacy.

Compare: "BusSafe" Update: Houston Residents Object To Interrogations And Searches 4-28-12 "What was done on the Houston Metro system is only a trial of a program already slated for nationwide implementation. And as stated at the update link above, "the move to monitor and curtail crime on buses and trains is just one component of a much larger initiative". This "much larger initiative" statement seems to make clear that the NWO self-proclaimed elite intend to make "monitoring and curtailing" a fact of life just about anywhere one may go in New Amerika. It's already started in Houston. Take note."

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