Occupy May Day Met By Police State; Live Global Stream

Update on: Occupy Joins Global 'General Strike' Planned For Tomorrow 5-1-12; Pledges To Shut Down NY, Golden Gate Bridge In SF 4-30-12 "...injected chaos as the sure result of the upcoming "Spring Offensive", and the further implementation of 'police state USA' as the norm." [see post]
#OWS May Day Protests Met With Heavy Police Presence, Canine Units, And National Guard Troops With Machine Guns

As Occupy Wall Street May Day protests start in NYC marchers streaming live are reporting a heavy police presence, multiple canine units and National Guard units armed with machine guns.

Update: Watch Live Below – Arrests are now imminent as protesters have just taken over all of 5th avenue following scuffles in the streets with police.

The main event is scheduled to start at 4 but the streets of NYC are already filling up with crowds of protestors who are being met with a heavy militarized police presence.

compare: Occupy NY 11-17-11 Skyscraper-Spotlight: "Beginning Of The Beginning" 11-19-11 "The beginning of the beginning of an unstoppable global uprising...they say. Without question it is incredibly organized and obviously heavily financed, enough so that it truly can be said that it is a globally connected movement. In that, the 'Occupy' statement must be taken seriously.

It's definitely global today, and, they are saying, only the beginning...and when the NWO "religious protests" begin in a couple of months [here]...be aware, it looks to get messy in the old-world-order...by design. And that design is to literally change everything...permanently, aka ushering in the 'new order'. And while it may seem surreal, the harsh reality must be grasped nevertheless: it is really happening, it is only going to keep coming, and America will never be the same again. Note: the biblically foretold one-world-government of Antichrist will not form by itself. No, this is how it is being brought about. Believe it or not. [follow links, connect dots] Rev. 18:4
see: Occupy protests held across U.S., globe 5-1-12 washingtonpost.com

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