"Occupy Wall Street" Building Momentum; Represents Beginning Of 'Revolu-Zion' USA

Follow up on: 1st Day Of "Occupy Wall Street" Blocked by Police; (still) Live Stream [see post]
Day of Rage: Social media-driven 'occupation' slowly builds attention

ABC News reported Sunday night that the crowd peaked at around 5,000 on Saturday, but those who remained have no plans to leave anytime soon.

Backers of the effort liken their effort to long-running public protests that have erupted this year in Egypt, Spain and Israel.


re: 'no plans to leave...long running public protests'

9/11 changed 'life as you know it' permanently in America, exactly as the NWO architects of chaos planned. Making civil-unrest the 'new norm' in the USA is designed to do the exact same thing - change 'life as you know it'.

The NWO-ers must have chaos to create the changes they have planned. Collapsing the old order to replace it with the new. Without a doubt, however it goes, insider-controlled and organized "Wall Street" is the beginning of a plan to make civil unrest the new norm in the USA. From this starting point, "civil-unrest" will be spread throughout the land in the months/years ahead. This NWO-chaos scheme is pathetically easy to see through.

Unfortunately though the restless natives do not understand that they are being manipulated. They do not understand that the 'revolu-zion' is a massive set up to 'ordo ab chao' American society - so as to destroy it permanently.

Be smart smart smart. Life 'as you know it' will never be the same. Again.
Rev. 18:4

see all: 'civil unrest'
John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight...'

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