Building The 666: NWO Announces Success Of "Global Meltdown" Plan

Global Financial Meltdown: Investors Dump Nearly Everything Admist Worldwide Market Crash

Major Stock Market Indexes, Commodities, Currencies And Everything In Between Is Being Dumped By Investors Across The Globe In The Midst Of A Global Financial Meltdown.

The financial markets across the globe are facing one of the most massive sell-offs in recent memory.

The Dow Jones Industrial average has sold off over 467 points today. When and when you add that on top of 284 point drop following yesterday’s crash FED’s statement, which announced operation ‘twist’ and warned of significant downside risk and strains in global financial markets, we have a 751 point drop in the DOW since 2:45 PM est yesterday, which is the largest 2 day slump since 2008.

There are an endless parade of economic statistics many of which are the worse since the Great Depression and World War 2 era. We have also seen 111 of the s&P 500 hit fresh 52 week lows, a drop in global currencies – beside the dollar, oil dropping into the high $70 per barrel range and gold plummeting over 5% to trade in the low $1,700 per ounce range.

Business Week points out the massive crash in U.S. stocks immediately below while CNBC points out further below that this in fact a global meltdown – investors are dumping everything.

Everything crashing everywhere across the globe all at the same time? Is this supposed to be believable?

This post is, sad to say, an inevitable follow up (one of only many more sure to follow, sad to say again) on this post:

Downgrade, Stock Market Crash: NWO Stepping Up USA Dissolution 8-8-11 "Absolutely transparent. The "dramatic productions" required to engineer the full scale collapse of the 'old-world-order', that is. Taking over the world is of course a monumental task requiring both tremendous planning and time. It will not be done in an instant. And this is exactly what we are witnessing. The choreographed "global economic crisis" crafted by the Tower of Babel/Zionist Kingdom builders and launched in late 2008...is now, three years later, being taken to entirely new levels of 'chaos' across the globe. It has reached critical mass throughout Europe, e.g. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy, to name a few (France may be next), and the harsh reality is that the USA is now on the chopping block also." [see post, follow links, connect dots]

Quoting from the above quote: "...the choreographed global economic crisis launched in late 2008 is now...being taken to entirely new levels. It has reached critical mass..." So critical of a mass, we have today been informed by the masters of confusion from the NWO's Bureau of Propaganda, that CNBC has officially and very dramatically declared that the 'crisis' has now come to the point of "a global meltdown".

Of course we know that the whole thing is staged, i.e choreographed. Of course a global meltdown has to be simulated, otherwise how could the pre-planned solution of building a global economic system to control every single financial transaction on the planet ever be implemented?

Which is exactly what is happening. The biblically prophesied 666 system, without which no man may buy or sell, will not just come about by accident.

Unfortunately, this simulation of global economic collapse will have real, not simulated, consequences. The part about the 'global meltdown' should be understood. There is no playing here. It is the full scale collapse [here] of the existing world order, here today now - with riots in the works, America. Full scale means everything, everywhere, from now until it is done.

Meltdown - it's on. This must be understood and dealt with.

Bible prophecy is coming true before your eyes peoples of planet earth. Will you still reject the Word of God?

Ever heard of The Blessed Hope?
Jeremiah 22:29 'O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD'

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