NWO Brutalizing Nations II: Greeks Getting 'Mauled'

"...destitution for wide layers of the Greek population"
Greek workers strike, protest against brutal austerity measures
Tens of thousands of Greek public transport workers, teachers, civil servants and air traffic controllers walked out Thursday to protest the latest round of austerity measures announced the day before by the PASOK government of George Papandreou. The massive cuts in jobs and pensions, on top of previous measures, will mean destitution for wide layers of the Greek population.

Workers responded explosively to the deeply unpopular plan. In and around Athens, bus, subway, tram, electric rail and suburban rail workers walked off the job, joined by taxi owners. A police official described the traffic situation in Athens as “dramatic, all major streets are jammed.”

The national rail network was also not operating. Secondary school teachers walked out for a day, while elementary school teachers staged rolling work stoppages. Municipal workers in Athens walked off the job for four hours, and air traffic controllers struck for three hours.

Employees at various ministries, including health and finance, staged sit-ins at several government buildings on Wednesday. Finance ministry staff announced a 48-hour strike for September 27-28. Tax collectors and customs officials will also walk out, along with transport workers and taxi drivers.

Thousands of workers, pensioners and students, along with members of various left groups, demonstrated in central Athens and at the parliament building on Thursday. According to the media, large numbers of riot police were deployed.

This post is a follow up on: NWO Brutalizing Nations: Ireland Gets 'Axed' 11-25-10 [The below comment is quoted from it and applies, nothing new needs to be written]

"Crushing the existing world order. It's on. Anybody that is keeping an eye on the headlines knows that the same thing that is happening in Ireland is happening throughout all of Europe, the different nations all being in slightly varying stages. That is, varying stages of being purposely collapsed so as to be devoured by the 'beast' and regurgitated into a totalitarian global system, i.e. the 666-kingdom. Ireland is on the chopping block now. Greece, Spain, Portugal, and the others are right behind. The program is not limited to Europe of course, America is also being dismantled and the people enslaved, the methodology being the same as that used in Europe...i.e. primarily the fake financial crisis and fake terrorism - both used to change every aspect of society...[see full post; follow links]

According to the inerrant Word of God, the final result of mankind's allotted time for self-governance, before God pulls an 'intervention', will be a "beast"...that will "devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces" [
here]. Not utopian, as some would have you believe, but, in a word, 'brutal'.

Global government built by devouring, treading down, breaking into pieces - in a manner like unto a 'brutal beast'. Exactly as foretold by the Bible, you are seeing it happen. And do understand...the same full scale chaos Greece is now being subjected to is planned for, according to the above scripture (from the book of Daniel), the "whole earth".

If you do not believe the bible, you may want to reconsider. Rom. 10:13
compare: Bogus 'GWOT' Bringing Global Police State: Clinton Announces Launch Of 'Global Counterterrorism Forum' 9-13-11

10-19-11 update: Destruction of Greece continues

Rev. 13:2 'And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion'

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