Obama 'Fake' Certificate Banner Flown Over Republican Presidential Forum

You didn't see this on the six o-clock news
MSNBC gets cold feet about eligibility questions Story and photo from: wnd

Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WND.com, was scheduled to appear on MSNBC Wednesday evening to talk about a banner that was flown over the Republican presidential debate forum in Tampa, Fla., Monday night.

It demanded, "Where's the Real Birth Certificate?"

But the network called to cancel abruptly, only hours before the event was set to air.

But WND has since produced a shocking series of reports that point in the direction of fabrication. One analyst points out that the long form appears to have been typed on different typewriters because the type faces are different styles and sizes. Another report confirms that the federal government's E-Verify system for checking validity of identities has unanswered questions about Obama. [outside source: here; and: video]

"I promised a long time ago that this issue would follow Obama through the 2012 campaign," said Farah. "This is the realization of that promise."

The interview was scheduled to be on Hardball, where host Chris Mathews famously declared himself to be an "enemy" of those who question Barack Obama's eligibility to be president. But he also openly wondered why Obama didn't just put the issue to rest by releasing the proof. [full story at link]

From no certificate to an apparently fake birth certificate, the issue has not gone away...all the same it seems strange that this plane would be able to get into the airspace over the "presidential" forum unless the 'right' people wanted it to...Well, seeing that the NWO is geared up to launch their "Civil-Unrest USA" program here in a few days (Sept. 17 - 'Day of Rage'), the NWO Bureau of Propaganda may still be planning to throw a little constitutional-crisis monkey business into the mix. Stay tuned

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