NFL Turns On John Q. Public: Full Body Scans Start In Green Bay

NFL escalates NWO police state to stadiums
Update on: NFL Taking Police State USA To Next Level Because Of Stun-Gun-Man 9-16-11 "The moral of the story is that the would-be global dictators are pulling a stun gun on the people of the world to subdue and control their every move, i.e. herding 'em like cattle." [see post]
Green Bay Packers' to use hand-held wands at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY — Green Bay Packers fans should arrive early and expect some delays for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos as the team implements heightened security measures for the games at Lambeau Field this season.

The procedure would be similar to wand inspections at the airport, but this process would be less invasive than the full-body exam, said Doug Collins, Packers director of security.

"We think it's a more thorough process, without having the hands-on in particular. We understand there has been some negativity out there from what the (Transportation Security Administration) has done. … This just eliminates that process," Collins said. "Pretty much the whole body will be scanned with the hand wand."

The hand-wand handwriting is on the stadium wall and it is not difficult to interpret. When the reality is finally grasped that the entire so-called global-war-on-terror (GWOT) is a massive illusion, it becomes very clear what the real intent is. Draconian control over John Q. Public is what the message on the wall says - now entering into society at large. Unfortunately no doubt most will ignore the message and bow their knee to the beast - as long as they get their fix...

Military rule over a global kingdom....step by step this is how they are doing it. Evil is the operative word. At the very least, John Q., understand that you are being utterly lied to.

Proverbs 23:23 'Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding'

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