Kabalist 'As Above So Below' - Washington Monument "Closed Indefinitely"

Washington Monument closed indefinitely

The National Park Service said Monday that the Washington Monument will be closed indefinitely and that the 5.8-magnitude earthquake in August had done more damage to it than had been previously disclosed.

In addition, officials said, the elevator was damaged, possibly by its counterweights, and would need to be repaired. Vogel said the elevator was only partly functional.

He said the worst damage happened in the pyramidium, the pyramid-shaped top of the structure, where cracks up to 11 / 4 inches wide developed in the mortar and stone. “Daylight is visible at a number of the vertical joints where mortar is missing,” he said.
The Washington Monument, the very symbol of America's power, will be closed indefinitely. Surprised? Don't think so. It was immediately evident the very day of the magical Virginia quake that was too small and too far away to cause such damage that there was 'more to this story'...

For what that would be; see: Washington Monument Crack "a Sign From God" Says Pat Robertson; Or Is It An NWO 'As Above So Below' Sign? 8-27-11 "Many questions have been raised on this issue though with regard to how that [the 'crack'] could possibly have happened considering the moderate size of the 'quake' and the location being too far away to cause the damage [here]...[to] the very "symbol of America's power...Along that line, the "symbolic" meaning of the cracking and closing of the Washington monument...would seem too obvious to miss..."
For the record, biblically speaking, the would-be world-ruling Zionists are essentially finished with Washington D.C. at this point in the game. They are done with it and are preparing to move to another location for their base of operations. This will be in the Middle East...specifically Jerusalem. The plan calls for making Jerusalem, not the capital of a nation, but the capital of the entire world, with them of course in charge. [Isaiah 3:8,14]

This country, no longer needed to achieve the end goal of global control, is being merged into the regional management sub-system. The 'magical crack' tells the whole story.

The real world is very dark, very evil. Come out. John 8:12
Zech. 1:3 'Therefore say thou unto them, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Turn ye unto me, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will turn unto you, saith the LORD of hosts'

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