Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Inks Deal With Restaurant Chains; And Agenda 21 Totalitarianism

Update on: Michelle Obama Says Childhood Obesity A National Security Threat; and Globalism 2-10-10 "The First Lady said a broad coalition of groups interested in children’s health are coming together to form the Partnership for a Healthier America, which will use professional athletes, members of the media, and state and local dignitaries to promote the “Let’s Move” campaign and its goals around the country...."Or is the "Let's Move" campaign really about implementing the communitarian global government?" [see post]
Michelle Obama touts Red Lobster, Olive Garden healthier menu pledges: free milk refills for kids

WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday highlighted a move by Darden Restaurants--which operates Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and Bahama Breeze--to sign a "a binding, legal agreement" to cut calories, offer healthier fruit and vegetable side dishes, reduce sodium and give free refills of one percent milk to kids.

The announcement was the latest deal signed by the Partnership for a Healthier America, the non-profit created to operate Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" anti-childhood obesity drive.

re: "latest deal"

Yada yada free milk refills and apples instead of fries - government dictating diet - Orwellian? Absolutely, but still not the main thing here. The main thing here is that word "partnership", as in private businesses signing "binding, legal agreements" with government...as part of something called the "Partnership for a Healthier America".

Despite the nice-sounding name, the only partnership being built here is a global one. It part and parcel of the Agenda 21 global management plan being foisted on America, which in reality is simply a mechanism with which to practically operate the planned totalitarian global government, via 'networks of partnerships'. This "latest deal" insures that the restaurant industry and it's affiliates will not be excluded.

The first 'Let's Move' deal, about 1 1/2 years ago, was the absurd declaration of "childhood obesity as a national security threat" resulting in the initial formation of this "Partnership for a Healthier America" [see update above]; here are some of the other "deals" that followed:

'Govmart' aka Walmart Joins Michelle Obama's Agenda 21 "Let's Move" 1-22-11 "...by coming under the Agenda 21 "Let's Move" communitarian program today, it is undeniable that Walmart has become a major facilitator of the global transformation project and needs to be renamed Govmart, or perhaps BigBromart - either one really, it makes no difference."

Michelle Obama and the The "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act" 12-14-10 "Massive interconnected networks of government, business, and private entities controlled by and answering only to the totalitarian global agenda. This is that. Brought into existence by way of deception (just like all things 'climate change'; see: Cancun Agreement), i.e. "childhood obesity" as an 'economic and national security threat'...'

Michelle Obama Brings Interfaith Groups, Girl Scouts Under 'Let's Move!' "Umbrella" 12-2-10
Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Update: 'Happy Meals' Illegal In San Francisco 11-4-10
MO Directing National Restaurant Association; and 'Let's Move!' 9-14-10

Bottom line, "Let's Move" is simply a tool to build the 666 communitarian global government, and it is making huge strides. Most people are oblivious to this fact. The Word of God said this would happen and you are not only seeing it but living it. The bible is true...believe it or not.
Rev. 3:11 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown'

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