US Day Of Rage Update: 2nd Group To Occupy D.C.'s "Freedom Square" In October, 'Tahrir Style'

Update on: Global 'Civil Unrest' Buzz Growing Louder by The Day 12-27-08 "the NWO 'architects of chaos' are setting the stage for their next move, playing the 'civil unrest' card...That is the first step. Planting the seed, if you will. The next step is to send in the agent provocateurs, i.e. the professional 'inciters' and trained organizers. Their job is to make it actually happen..." [see post]
The above was posted close to three years ago. The 'civil unrest' concept has been nurtured since then by the NWO Bureau of Propaganda in many ways, one of the more notable being the incessant banter of the 'Glenn Beck Delusion' [100% insider]. At any rate, the "next step", as mentioned above, is about to be taken..for real. The "professional inciters" and the "trained organizers" are here: "Occupy Wall Street" plans to do just that, i.e. occupy Wall Street, beginning 9-17-11, [see US Day of Rage; below] and "October 2011" plans to occupy Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. beginning October 6, and then, [quoting from video below] "we are going to expand to shut down offices, buildings, streets, hallways, to nonviolently, strictly nonviolently resist what our government is doing.”

In their own words: "This will not be another rally and march on a Saturday, make home movies, pat ourselves on the back, and go home. We are coming to Washington to stay. Today’s announcement is an open invitation for all kinds of organizations, national and local, to join in the early planning stages of this campaign. We need not agree on political ideology or party or much else. We need only agree that nonviolent resistance to a government that routinely ignores the will of its people is appropriate in our nation as well — even above all, given our nation’s impact on the environment, global finances, and wars."

Wall Street in September, Washington D.C. in October. The "NWO architects of chaos" have one goal only, which is to merge this country into their "all-seeing-eye" anti-christ Zionist kingdom. They have been working long to bring things to this point. They are now going 'all in'. Understand that it is a set up, and do not be fooled.

see: Civil Unrest To Destabilize The USA? "US Day of Rage" Planned For 9-17-11; Have NWO Logos 8-13-11 "The first logo considered belongs to the 'Occupy Wall Street' event and is clearly a woman riding a beast...which comes straight out of the book of Revelation [Rev. 17:3]...The second logo, the 'October 2011,' is very spurious also. It is undeniably an 'all-seeing eye'...the very symbol of the occult secret societies, i.e. the corrupt [quote] "special interests" and the so-called [quote] "corporate machine", that the organizers of these civil unrest movements claim to be resisting"
see all: civil unrest (wait until they play the "Manhattan Declaration" card. Follow links, connect dots)

9-17-11 update; live stream

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