NZ Foretold 3-Wks Before In State Farm 'T-Shirt Gun Mass Shooting' Commercial - Depicts Mass Shooting, Gives NZ Dates

They Told It Three Weeks Before It Happened [2-23-19]: Commercial Depicts 'Mass Shooting' - Then Gives Dates...NZ Dates

State Farm T-shirt Gun 'mass 'shooting commercial [2-23-19 (*322)] - second look. A frame by frame was done on the original video posted 3-16-19 looking for something that would directly tie this commercial with the New Zealand reported 'mass shooting' of March 14, 2019 -- New Zealand time zone, other than just the 'mass shooting' theme alone. Lo and behold that direct tie between the commercial and New Zealand was found:

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Original post/vid: Most Twisted Ever: State Farm Commercial Depicts 'T-Shirt Gun' Massacre Day After NZ -- Hidden-Plain-Sight NZ-Fake 3-16-19 "Knowing full well that Hollywood does not do coincidences, and that they always, always 'pre-tell' by hiding-in-plain-sight the reality, and having seen the same pre-telling of events in movies commercials etc. over and over and over now for years, the same is then rightly to be expected in anything they do. Kabala-kode requires it - this we also know. So then, as this commercial matches so closely what supposedly just happened in New Zealand 3-15-19, the reality/truth of the matter is as clear as day. Another manufactured event..."

2-23-19 [*322] State Farm 'T-Shirt Gun mass shooting' commercial
It was told three weeks in advance
Depicted a 'mass shooting' - and gave the NZ dates

(who does a commercial on mass-shooting theme anyway. Three weeks before NZ - gives the dates ... 'hidden-in-plain-sight' as can be)

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Rev. 18:4

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