First Ever Pope - Mormon Meeting 3-9-19 - 33 Minutes Long; Mormons Dedicate New Rome Temple Featuring Moroni

33 minutes? A lot of articles about this event. Big story. 33 minute meeting though - tells you everything you need to know right there. Anyway this just taking a more overall look at a few interesting things about this pope-mormon coming-out party and new Rome mormon-temple global event:
Mormon President and Pope Francis meet for the first time, after decades of hidden diplomacy

The head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with a pope for the first time on Saturday [3-9-19], an event that reportedly followed decades of behind-the-scenes relationship building between denominations whose leaders share a concern over secularism. The two groups work together on relief efforts in 43 countries.

Pope Francis and President Russell. M Nelson – both men who hold offices of profound spiritual significance for their faiths – met for 33 minutes at the Vatican. The visit comes a day before Nelson was to dedicate the first Mormon temple in Rome [3-10-19].

The meeting and the existence of the new temple are especially significant for Mormons, said Kathleen Flake, a historian of American religion and an expert on the Latter-day Saints. The church teaches that it isn’t just generically “Christian” but is the authentic restoration of Jesus’s church. Establishing the temple in Rome, a centre of global Christianity, and the meeting with the pope give credibility to the Mormon Church as fully Christian, Ms Flake said.

Ms Flake said it was significant that the visitors’ centre of the new temple in Rome features a dramatic Christus sculpture along with sculptures of the 12 apostles.*

“There’s a resonance there. It’s a claim...to replicate those statutes, in that place, there’s nothing else it can be. It’s symbolically an assertion of their claim to be the restored Church of Jesus Christ with its apostolic authority,” she said.

Mr Nelson and Pope Francis, she said, are unique. “Are there any other men but those two who believe they stand in the shoes of St. Peter?”

Pope and Mormon, first ever official meeting, 33 minutes long exactly, Mormons dedicate new Rome temple next day. And a secret of long-time Catholic-Mormon backroom partnership also disclosed [see article].

First Mormon temple ever in Rome the "centre of global Christianity" - as they denominate it. And the outstanding feature? A statue of "Moroni" atop the temple spire. The so-called angel Moroni - according to the Mormon religious-story the 'heavenly-being' that directed founder Joseph Smith to some buried "golden plates" containing ancient religious truth written in a strange ancient language he only was able to translate, doing so audibly "by looking at a seer stone in the bottom of his hat" ...and in this manner said to have dictated the "Book of Mormon" into existence - as the story goes [link]. The Phony-Baloney-Moroni story. Joseph Smith then published it in 1830. And so Mormonism, doctrinally denying that Christ Jesus is God, was unleashed upon the world. And then they came knocking on your door. Video below shows the 'lifting up' of 'Moroni' during the Rome temple construction [Gal. 1:8]:

[related videos at endscreen not endorsed - YT removed ability to turn off]

And there he is...Mormon Moroni atop the new Rome Mormon temple - dedicated 3-10-19

And the second outstanding feature, or features, of the new Mormon Rome temple, as mentioned in above article: [more] idols. Prominent is the larger than life 'Christus' (so they call it). Then the 'twelve apostles'. Something interesting to note here on this - not really too different from the Catholic churches really. Catholic churches are full of statues/idols too... there's the Catholic 'christ', usually a dead body hanging on a cross, and various saints, and the woman Mary... [Exodus 20:3-4].

*New Mormon Temple in Rome display of religious idols 'Christus' and 'twelve apostles'

Mormons even though their Jesus is 'another Jesus' who is not God [2John 7] now validated by Bergoglio? No wonder at it...he's just following the script. That is the script that had the previous pope, Benedict, step down for the first time in Catholic history, rather than dying off, and then replaced by Ber-Gog-lio. It was for a purpose. The purpose was to do a paradigm shift - change everything radically, basically overnight. This would be necessary in order to now start the planned merging of Catholic with the other world religions. The time had come. Everything by schedule, that is how it works. That was 2013. So now, 2019, and the time has come for bringing in the millions of Mormons. And so here it is. And again this is no surprise. As the above article revealed, the reality is that Mormon and Catholic 'leaders' have been backroom-dealing for a long time. In other words, both religions are in on it, both religions actually being used as a means toward the same end. By the 'global planners'. That's what they do. Invent religions. And they have been at this for a long time. Mormon was invented in 1830. Catholic was invented about the 4th century ongoing. The '33' minute meeting says all of that.

And that reality reveals another - that the world's religions are all in reality under the control of the same god - the god of this world. Different religious systems for different people groups, same false spirit - the spirit of antichrist. Always denying Christ Jesus as God incarnate [1John 4:3]. The Devil, Satan, or whatever any particular religion calls their anti (in-stead of) christ pseudo-deity, it is the same spirit. Went by the name Moroni to sell Mormon to the world. The various world religions, fact is, are one and all a master-hoax. That is final reality of it.

And the ultimate end goal for master-hoax world religions is and always has been one thing and one thing only - described in this 2013 post marking the paradigm-shift znwo next-phase inauguration of facilitator Ber-Gog-lio on the witchcraft-numerology day of 3-13-13 - all submitted under the would-be Zionist-kingdom-kome earth-domination agenda:

New Pope Arrives 3-13-13: Bergoglio Anagram and "Last Pope Prophecy", A21, Purpose Driven, Seagull Symbolism 3-13-13 "When any certain event fits perfectly the global agenda, it is beyond doubt that that event has been orchestrated for the very reason. The pope stepping down at exactly the point in time that he did, along with the so-called 'Last Pope Prophecy' fits the agenda too perfectly to be chance ...Basically the way this is being laid out is that the incoming pope is 'prophesied' to be an impostor who is going to come in and destroy the Catholic church and usher in the apocalypse. --- The destruction of the Catholic church very likely is exactly what will occur. The Catholic church must also be broken down and subjugated to the Zionist global agenda, and eventually put under talmudic jewish noahide control [link] along with every other world religion.." [see post]
Catholic-Mormons, or any other world-religion, including apostate judaized-Laodicea denying the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, this is where they are taking you. Get out now is the only answer. And then go here - as a place to start: Mark 10:51

Rev. 18:4


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