Australian Town "Wiped Off Map" By "Massive Fire" [3-3-19] - Off The Agenda 21 Map That Is ...DEW/Geoattack Global

[Note: the article is few days old - Sunday 3-3-19 apparently the burn-day for the town mentioned in article... no updates on current fire-situation affecting other areas mentioned could be found]
Township ‘wiped off map’ as winemaker watches life’s work destroyed on live television


An entire township has been all but “wiped out” by devastating bushfires in Victoria’s southeast. Tonimbuk, which borders Bunyip State Park, was in the direct path of a massive fire that swept through over the weekend.

A map of the area from the Country Fire Authority shows a large section of black over the township. Network 10 journalist Candice Wyatt tweeted: “It’s believed the township of Tonimbuk has been all but wiped off the map”.

At the last census, Tonimbuk was home to 208 people. Winemaker Andrew Clarke is among them. As bushfires ripped through the region, he could do nothing but stare at a screen in horror and disbelief at what he was watching on live TV.

He’d left it all behind late on Saturday and got out with his wife and kids. “We’re homeless,” Mr Clarke told The Australian, bleakly, after watching his life’s work go up in flames [Sunday]. “It’s gone, the house too, it’s all gone..."

There is currently a Watch and Act alert in place for a bushfire 1.6km south west of Dargo and two other located north west of Dargo. Further warnings have been issued for Billabong, Black Snake Creek, Budgee Budgee, Cowa, Crooked River, Gibbs, Hawkhurst, Howittville, Maguires, Miowera, Peter the Swede, Shepherdson, Talbotville, Waterford, Winchester, Wongungarra.

This post a follow up, related to: Agenda21 Burn-Down - How? 11-14-18 "...unexplainable fires starting up where you live and you being evacuated out of your communities and the fires then quadrupling in size in the middle of the night after everyone is gone and the whole area then being mysteriously burnt up... Can a 'wildfire' strike with surgical precision ... it literally is a surgical precision..." [see post]

Notice from above article this quote by victim: "left it all behind on Saturday..."

...then Sunday, after residents had been evacuated ...mysteriously ...the whole town burned down. "Wiped off the map". Same story happening all over the world
[compare: "Unprecedented" Greek Fires [DEW?] Wipe Villages Off Map - Planet Under Agenda 21 'Geostorm' Attack 7-26-18]

Wiped off the map? Wiped off the Agenda 21 map no doubt.

[btw - while on the subject of the Agenda 21 map, note also last week Northern CA floods [Sonoma] mysteriously destroying a few towns. Who controls the water-way systems - i.e. dams, reservoirs, etc.? Answer: the Agenda 21 geoengineers/cartographers.]


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Geographic areas being wiped off the map is now being played off as a normal thing. It is not...although the reality is that they have in fact made it so.

And reality is it (A21 map-wiping) will only get more so - still a lot of map to go. Be never normalized-deluded as it on-goes.

Rev. 18:4

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