NWO Knife-Psyop Going Global Now: Montreal Priest Live-Stream Staged 'Knife Attack' - On 3-22 - For All The World To See

Live stream - so all the world can see - cui bono? And do not miss the date on this one - 322 strikes again [link]
Priest stabbed live on TV at Canada's biggest church

A priest was stabbed in front of his congregation live on television during morning mass on Friday [3-22] at Canada's biggest church, police said.

Footage broadcast on a Catholic television station and picked up by the top-rated CTV network showed a man in jeans, a parka and a white baseball cap approach Claude Grou at St Joseph's Oratory in Montreal.

He is seen chasing the priest around the altar and standing menacingly over Grou as he falls to the ground, scattering candles and a banner, before stabbing his victim.

"With what happened in Christchurch, it seems that all places of worship are being targeted"  [said a spokesman]

From a distance, very fast and it's over - for all the world to see. It was real take our
word for it. See how bad knives are - give them up - ok? NWO Knife Psyop March 2019

This post related to, follow up on: NWO Knife-Psyop Gets First Big Result: UK Supermarket Chain To Stop Selling Kitchen Knives (No Weapons For Minions) 3-9-19 "“But we will continue to do more and through the government’s Serious Violence Strategy, we are also working to prevent young people from ever picking up a knife in the first place.” --- Totalitarianism means absolute total control over the populations. Disarming the public is necessary to achieve the goal. At this point most are fully aware of the gun-grabbing aspect of this goal, but there is much more to the plan than guns only. No, the goal is not to just take the guns away, the goal is to to render the populations completely defenseless ...So, to further accomplish this, the next phase...the Knife-Psyop ...was launched. And is ongoing. One after another after another. Endless knife attack news stories, in all countries, and quick as can be...knives now have to go too..." -- And so here we now have the first big result of the ongoing fake knife-attack ordo-ab-chao global-psyop - can't buy a nice sharp kitchen knife at Asda supermarkets in the UK. And how long before all the other stores follow suit? Easy question to answer...: (not long)" [see post]
re: "live on TV"

The 'knife psyop'. It's already well underway virtually everywhere, but particularly in the UK, as seen by the 'follow up' article/post linked directly above. Unbelievable as it should be, the knife-psyop in the UK has now been brought to the point of actually banning knife purchases in stores. Notice also especially the pledge "to prevent young people from ever picking up a knife in the first place". Never touch a knife? The utter absurdity of that statement alone reveals everything.

And so that's the UK, but what about the rest of the world? How to get the program going global? Well, that's easy - live stream a staged knife attack to the world - and that way everybody does not just hear about it - they see it. Oh my oh my did you see that horrible knife attack on the priest - oh it was so terrible...

Oh and of course make sure it has the requisite witchcraft numerology...

- and just that easy...the knife-psyop has now been taken to the next level globally. And what the live-streamed Montreal-priest episode [3-22-19] all the world is now watching guarantees is this: knife-episodes are to now be considered another 'new norm'. If you watch for it - you will see it ...and keep seeing it ...then start hearing it - parroted everywhere: knives gotta go peoples...

It's the Knife Psyop. Know it when you do see it.

Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 10:28 'The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish'

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