Trump Grounds Boeing Planes On 3-13 After 'Crashes' 133 Days Apart - AI As-Above-So-Below Ritual; And AOC (Actress On Cue)

3-13-19 Trump Issues Emergency Order Grounding Boeing 737 Max Planes

Trumps EO grounds Boeing 737. Same thing being done worldwide reportedly. Date for this 3-13-19.

Two Boeing 737 Max planes reported to have crashed:

First one was October 29, 2018 - Lion Air flight JT_610 reported crashed in Java Sea off Indonesia. Note time of crash as reported 13 minutes after takeoff:

March 10, 2019 the second Boeing 737 Max ... Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 reportedly crashed in Ethiopia:

Planes grounded by Trump EO three days later 3-13 [note also in most of the world this date would be written 13-3]. Length of time between first and second reported Boeing crashes 10-29-18 to 3-10-19? Exactly 133 days:

Boeing planes supposedly crash 133 days apart, EO comes on 3-13, for a perfect kabbala-numerology match; and for a bonus the first plane supposedly goes down 13 minutes after takeoff. Clearly nothing here in any possible way random.

Now as to what is possibly going on here this interesting headline may give a clue - at least in part - to what this now known-to-be numerology-ritual-psyop was/is all about:


Struggle between man and machine? It was a real life-or-death "battle" between the planes advanced technology and the pilots, according to above article. As if the plane had a mind of it's own. Note also the '13 minute' factor highlighted again. But what is this about a "struggle between man and machine". Seems like a very strong probability that this must be the clue to the whole event. Some as-above-so-below ritual acting-out, having to do with AI (artificial intelligence) subduing humanity? AI subduing humanity is the theme-song of the antichrist would-be earth usurpers. The massive 'AI hoax' theme that is.

And AI is a hoax because technology can never, will not ever, become self-aware or 'alive' - but - devils that want to possess humans and do so under the guise of AI - i.e. the ruse that ultra-advanced technology is now rapidly progressing to the point of ruling mankind and the only hope for the human species is to 'merge' with it - that scheme is fully underway. AI to augment human capabilities? No. The fallen-spirit world i.e. devils attempting to possess mankind? Yes [666]. AI is a devilish hoax. Anyway this 'theme' (i.e. devil con job) just got as-above-so-below playacted with precise underworld-numerology in black-magic ritual in real-time - like they always do.

Still another consideration also. Have to watch and see on this. Planes suddenly being grounded just shortly after all the recent hype via whats-her-name AOC and the 'green new deal' calling for doing away with plane travel. No possible coincidence here either. AOC actress-on-cue read her lines and regardless of whether people took it seriously or not, the no-plane agenda was launched. That was the first step - get it out there. And it is out there, and looky now...planes are being grounded just like that. And without question it is a true Agenda 21 goal. Of course air travel is not going to stop yet but this 'grounding' part of the ritual may be an additional as-above-so-below to 'khristen' the 'green-new-deal'...

Everything everything everything...make-believe in the zwo. Be not ever ritualed.

Rev. 18:4
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'And the serpent said ...ye shall be as gods" - Genesis 3:4-5  [he lied]

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