NWO Knife-Psyop Gets First Big Result: UK Supermarket Chain To Stop Selling Kitchen Knives (No Weapons For Minions)

Asda to remove kitchen knives from sale by end of April amid concerns over knife crime

[UK] Asda has announced it will stop selling kitchen knives by the end of April in response to concerns over knife crime. The supermarket chain confirmed knives will be removed from all stores.

“The decision to stop selling these items comes in response to rising concerns about knife crime in the UK, particularly those involving children and young people,” a spokesman for the supermarket chain said in a statement.

In response to the announcement, a Home Office spokesperson said: “We welcome this move by Asda [owned by Walmart] to restrict access to knives in their stores.

“It is already illegal to sell knives to under 18s and retailers are playing their part in ensuring they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

“In addition to our Offensive Weapons Bill [we] will also introduce legislation that will make it harder than ever for young people to purchase knives.”

This post a follow up on: First The Guns, Now The 'Knife Psyop': Endless Fake Knife-Attack Stories, Making Knives Illegal Begins Now In UK 9-17-18 "Rory Stewart, the justice minister, said: “Knife crime is horrifying – it causes catastrophic damage to families with tragic consequences. We need sentences that punish anyone who commits knife crime and deters anyone from doing it in the future ... “But we will continue to do more and through the government’s Serious Violence Strategy, we are also working to prevent young people from ever picking up a knife in the first place.” --- Totalitarianism means absolute total control over the populations. Disarming the public is necessary to achieve the goal. At this point most are fully aware of the gun-grabbing aspect of this goal, but there is much more to the plan than guns only. No, the goal is not to just take the guns away, the goal is to to render the populations completely defenseless ...So, to further accomplish this, the next phase...the Knife-Psyop ...was launched. And is ongoing. One after another after another. Endless knife attack news stories, in all countries, and quick as can be...knives now have to go too...say the would-be zio-kingdom-kome totalitarian-gang manufacturing all things to achieve the dream-lusion ... Knife-less minionry [link] - UK leading the way (as usual)... [see post]
New legislation already on the way, according to above article, to build on the existing. Britain calls the existing statute the "Offensive Weapons Bill". No doubt that is a very accurate title. Making it impossible for the global-serfdom to ever rise up in any sort of offensive against the under konstruction zio-kingdom-kome's would-be Rulers Of The Universe. And to make sure of it, nothing...no guns, sharp objects e.g. knives, maybe pointed sticks next...kan be allowed.

And so here we now have the first big result of the ongoing fake knife-attack ordo-ab-chao global-psyop - can't buy a nice sharp kitchen knife at Asda supermarkets in the UK. And how long before all the other stores follow suit? Easy question to answer. (not long)

Rev. 18:4
compare: HI Resolution In US Congress: Repeal 2nd Amendment Or Make Right To Bear Arms 'Collective' Not Individual 3-7-19
Jeremiah 51:53 'Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD'

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