Faking Antichrist: Obama Photo-Op Of 'ISIS'/Syria Speech Shows Him With "Baphomet" Devil-Horns

Follow up on: ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14 "...one thing is certain - and that is that a massive worldwide deception is on the way...in terms of middle east warfare, ultimately finalizing in a fake Gog-Magog WWIII, prearranged to result in Israeli victory, allowing for a claim of divine-deliverance, to then be interpreted-to-the-world as evidence of the god-given right to rule the planet and mankind [link]... Syria is on the list for conquest. Possibly something starts there. This could lead into an Iran involvement, and it is definitely not without importance to note the fact that Russia has suddenly become the big bad villain. Totally scripted..."One more thing: The use of the name "ISIS". This is not just something being done for laughs. Every time the name is spoken they are invoking the 'spirit' [of Antichrist] over their planned "perfect storm" [see post]
Zoomed in and lightened up for clarity - no question about it.
A clear photo-op showing Obama sporting a dual set of horns
and a center spike - "Baphomet" style; photo credit: ibtimes
Devil-horned Obama - this photo has been posted on a number of different websites, but what is especially interesting is that it does not appear to have been taken from the video feed used to broadcast the actual speech. All the videos of the speech were with open drapes sans horns - as seen below. The horned-photo has been purposely framed by a clever camera angle - or an intentional alteration of the backdrop with the photo taken at a different time. Note the position of the two pictures on either side of Obama on the back wall. In the above shot they are below the shoulders, and with the way that picture is framed, or from that angle, the drapes appear to be closed. In the below photo the two pictures on the wall are head level, and with the framing of that shot, or the angle, it shows the drapes open. Either way, whatever is going on, it is absolutely playing games. Some videos show the above shot in the opening but then instantly cut to the below scene - like the NYTimes for instance [link]. This devil-horned image then would have had to have been a carefully planned photo-op, which, apparently, would then have to have been done solely for release with the news reports on the speech. Put this one in the ultra-serious subliminal-propaganda category.


*Faking Antichrist - see: Obama "Unbreakable Alliance" Israel Trip, And New Pope: NWO Imitating Antichrist And False Prophet? 2-26-13 "...the way in which this is being done is giving the appearance of the beginning of an absolutely massive deception upon the entire world. A deception created by imitating bible prophecy...The Catholic church is being brought in - and not possibly by chance - with the recent resignation of the sitting pope...What orchestration, and what imitating of bible prophecy? To cut to the chase, it has to do with creating the persona of a fake antichrist, and the persona of a fake 'false prophet'. [see post]

compare: NWO Fake-Antichrist Promotion Underway? Obama-Satan Likeness In "Bible" TV Series Denied 3-18-13

see also: TIME Names 'New World Pope' Francis Person Of The Year - Portray Him With 'Horns Like A Lamb'; And "Last Pope Prophecy" NWO Fake 'False Prophet' 12-11-13

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Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 6:19 'Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it'


Unknown said...

I have also noted a pattern here with events that lead towards a one world religion and simultaneously discussing the 'acceptable' religions and the 'extremists.' True Christians are considered extremists to be rounded up and eliminated. Then there is the repeated cycle of false prophets and their 'soothsaying' of 'it's all gonna be okay, you will prosper and live long, etc.' and the true prophets who are saying 'destruction is on the way, God's judgment will soon fall, now is the time to repent,' and with the end times also when it comes to following Jesus' footsteps and denying ourselves and picking up our crosses and loving our lives not more than Jesus and being willing to die for Him (the days are coming) and to the contrary those who espouse being raised up to escape it all on a magic carpet (for the US only, of course) and that believers have nothing to worry about because God will not allow them to suffer (despite how the bible says we will suffer for His namesake and the proof of it in Syria and Iraq with Christians right now).

tom m. said...

re: "being raised up to escape it all on a magic carpet (for the US only, of course)"

Victoria, the great error that so many who disbelieve the scriptural teaching of the 'rapture' of the (truly-regenerate-only, not the apostate Laodicean church) body of Christ fall into is failing to distinguish between persecution - which is of men, and the judgment of God - which is what the 'tribulation' will in fact be.

Christians in Syria and Iraq today may be suffering persecution, but this still has nothing whatsoever to do with the coming 'wrath of God' [Jer. 10:10].

And we know that the true body of Christ is not appointed to wrath - 1Thes. 5:9

The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the 'head', and saviour, of the body [Eph. 5:23], already suffered the wrath of God for his 'body', shedding his blood on the cross to deliver them from the judgment to come - 1Thes. 1:10

The justice of God has been satisfied in their case. For that reason, they can never see the wrath of God - which is for the Christ rejecting Jews and world [John 3:36]. To put the body of Christ in the tribulation is to say that the blood of the cross is ineffectual.

Regardless of the fact that many do not see it, and will argue endlessly against it, and will not like this next statement, the truth is, it is a correct understanding of the Word of God that causes the 'espousing' of the rapture (no 'magic' carpet)...

more on the subject here if interested: Not wrath but rapture for the regenerate

and here: link

Rev. 18:4

Anonymous said...

I look at this photo two ways, 1) This was planned, and yes, he is an anti-christ, but not THE anti-christ; 2) and perhaps this photo is by design to sway many into believing that he really is THE anti-christ. Thus, taking the focus off of other issues. Just more subliminal confusion.

Christsfreeservnt said...

I agree with Victoria.

Anonymous said...

you correctly divide the Word of Truth...
Unlike so Many other Christians....

Including, Christsfreeservnt and Victoria Di Agnello.
Sadly, they represent the majority of the body of Christ.

Christsfreeservnt said...

Anonymous - Actually, Tom M's beliefs concerning the pre-trib rapture of the church are in the majority among Christians here in America. What Victoria shared, and I agreed with, is in the minority.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Christsfreeservnt...and your point?

Anonymous said...

Peter Mansbridge said last night, and I quote: "As trouble spots escalate, the world needs a leader. Is the US still up for the job?" To make sure I was hearing right, I backed up and listened to it again and wrote it down. Said with a straight face...the ZWO's game plan being promoted once again. The burning Phoenix is rising.

Although we have seen the horns...and Obama has been worshipped as a Messiah, has risen to great power in order to kill the nationalism of the US...I don't think he is the One that has been chosen to sit in the Zionist Temple. I think they have someone else in mind. Of the lineage of Solomon, from the tribe of Dan, a man understanding dark sentences and steeped in the Occult Craft of Masonry. Oh, yes...he's already been chosen. I'd say that the time is near when he will be hailed and welcomed as earth's hero.

John 5:43I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

tom m. said...


Just a few things in response

re: "Obama...don't think he is the One"

It's very important with regard to eschatology to base our understanding on the solid ground of scriptural truth so as to be guarded from being led into error as is the case with so many these days. Of course one of the most important topics with regard to eschatology' is the identity of the "Antichrist". Fortunately we are not left without the means to discern this personage as the Word of God gives us a clear revelation as to the timing for the appearance of the 'man of sin, the son of perdition' - 2Thes. 2:3. And to sum it up: the time is absolutely not yet - which is to say that there is not even the slightest possibility (zero chance) - that 'Obama' is the 'Antichrist'.

This is impossible for a number of reasons, many which have been discussed in numerous posts on this blog. One of those posts is linked above, and might as well link it here also: NWO imitating Antichrist and false prophet'". Two things are pointed out there which very positively show that it is absolutely impossible that the Antichrist can have come on the scene already (as well a possible reason for the attempt at imitating).

The reality is that there are a number of things that MUST, scripturally speaking, happen first. Very briefly, the ten-toes of Daniel 2 and the ten kings of Daniel 7, which are two views of the same thing, must first develop - BEFORE the personage of the Antichrist can arrive on the world's stage. It hasn't happened yet, therefore no AC can as of yet have appeared. This is discussed in this post: Ten kings

A very clear second reason, also touched on in the 'Imitating Antichrist' post, as revealed by scripture, regardless of the many unbelieving disputers, the AC will not come to power until AFTER the true-chuch, the body of Christ, has been 'raptured'. Church still on earth? - 'The Antichrist' cannot show up. Not 'O', not another if that should happen. Not until after the church, the bride of Christ, has been taken to the Father's house - John 14:2-3

Bottom line, the next thing to expect on the prophetic calendar is not the AC at all, but the ten toes/kings. And here is the truth of scripture on this with regard to not-apostate but truly-regenerate believers: they will never see 'The Antichrist'. The Word of God tells them to look and wait rather for the imminent coming of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who will deliver them from the wrath to come (1Thes. 1:10) - and to comfort one another with these words (1Thes. 4:16-18)

Recommend do not budge one 'iota' from the blessed truth of Holy Scripture. It is the only safe ground - Luke 21:36.

For any interested, there is more on this whole subject in this comment thread: link

Anonymous said...

"The ancient Sanhedrin believed that King Solomon was the Messiah rather than a type of Christ. This error led them to reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Today, the same false belief will lead many Jews to receive the Antichrist as the reincarnation of Solomon. The counterfeiting of King Solomon has been masterminded by the Prieuré de Sion and will be accomplished by the Merovingian False Christ.
The Antichrist will look like Solomon.
The Antichrist will conduct his affairs like Solomon.
The Antichrist will profess to come from the lineage of Solomon.
The Antichrist will carry out the offices of Solomon."
Excerpt from:
Tom, I don't think there's anything that we disagree on.
I have studied the Scriptural basis that Barb Aho and Janet Moser have outlined in the above link and that's why I came to the conclusion that there is already a man in the "works". However, as you say, he will not be revealed till after the rapture. My comment about Obama was meant to back that up...I agree that it's looking like he could be the staged false Messiah-anti-christ.

I absolutely agree with you. Stay focused on Scripture.

tom m. said...

Hi maidinthejungle,

I'm familiar with the writings of Moser and Aho. Without going into any details in general about their work, or the work by Moser referenced above - as that is not possible here - there are a couple of issues that i'm compelled to mention here in response. First thing is that none of what Moser has premised above can be proven by scripture alone. She has made extensive use of kabblistic, talmudic, and various other esoteric sources to support her conclusions...which ultimately introduces a lot of speculation. Again, none of this can be proven from the Word of God alone, so the value of it, if there be any, is questionable on that basis alone. The bible must always interpret the bible on all important doctrinal issues.

The second issue trumps the first though, and perhaps i'll be found in the minority on this topic here in the advanced stages of Laodicean-church decay that we find ourselves in these days, but, it is the question of women expositing scripture, or teaching (as here with Moser's expository 'teaching'). Although this is so widely disregarded, the Lord in his Word has made it clear that he has not called the woman to this work (1Tim. 2:11-12; 1Cor. 14:34). My position on the subject then, based on the Word of Truth, must be one of opposition. Very important to consider in this regard also is that if the LORD has not called a person to a particular work, e.g. women to preach or teach, the Spirit of God will have nothing to do with that work (Heb. 5:4; Matt. 7:22-23). The inescapable deduction of this is that it places every woman who would not obey this instruction in defiance of the LORD God. And obviously whatever is done is going to be problematic.

Anyway, this just because the subject came up...1John 2:4-5

maidinthejungle, press on


northierthanthou said...

Such a myopic way to read history. You really should grow up.