Update - Deed Is Done: Zio-Globalists Just Privatized The Internet - Judge Denies Suit To Stop 'Giveaway'

9-30-16 2:45 PM update:

Court says Obama's internet transition can go forward

[excerpted] A federal judge gave a green light to the Obama administration’s hotly contested plan to cede oversight of the Internet to the international community.

In a ruling issued Friday, Judge George Hanks Jr. denied a request from four Republican state attorneys general to temporarily halt the transition just hours before the handoff was scheduled to occur at midnight Friday. The AGs had argued the move violated the U.S. Constitution.

But it may not be the end of the Obama administration's political and legal headaches. Even though the transition may proceed, the four states that sued this week could appeal — and they haven't ruled it out. A spokesman for Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said the AG would "continue to explore our options for relief to unwind these improper acts by the Obama administration."

The aide added: "When the Federal Government improperly gives up property, the courts can still invalidate that transfer.” Spokespeople for the attorneys general in Texas and Nevada told POLITICO they are also weighing next steps.

Meanwhile, some House members have floated the idea of their own lawsuit against the Obama administration's transition plans.

The Deed is Done
Internet September 30, 2016


9-30-16 12:25 PM  Internet Giveaway In Court Right Now - September 30 Last Day Last Chance

Texas is in court today to stop Oct. 1 internet transfer

Texas is in court today, leading a last-minute effort to stop the Obama administration from transferring U.S. control of internet domain names and designations on Saturday.

The lawsuit filed by Paxton and the other attorneys general said the transfer “violates the Property Clause of the U.S. Constitution by giving away government property without congressional authorization, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by chilling speech and the Administrative Procedure Act by acting beyond statutory authority.”

This post is a follow up on: Four State AG's File Last-Minute Lawsuit To Stop October 1st 'Internet Giveaway' - Which Would Make It The 'Private-Net' 9-29-16 "'...the "U.S. government" intends to transfer internet control to an unknown unaccountable global body...and without any congressional action...Another name for unknown unaccountable global body, much more accurate actually, is 'privatized'. Privatized things benefit only the privatee's. This obviously is a huge deal, also obviously not in a good way for all-things free-speech and open-information-channel related. Heavily censored controlled information only...looks to be the clear winner here' -- Only four...only now?"

Dramatic last minute result should be known soon...

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