Four State AG's File Last-Minute Lawsuit To Stop October 1st 'Internet Giveaway' - Which Would Make It The 'Private-Net'

State AGs sue to stop Obama's internet transition

[excerpted] Four Republican state attorneys general are suing to stop the Obama administration from transferring oversight of the internet to an international body*, arguing the transition would violate the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit — filed Wednesday in a Texas federal court — threatens to throw up a new roadblock to one of the White House’s top tech priorities, just days before the scheduled Oct. 1 transfer of the internet’s address system is set to take place.

In their lawsuit, the attorneys general for Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas contend that the transition, lacking congressional approval, amounts to an illegal giveaway of U.S. government property. They also express fear that the proposed new steward of the system, a nonprofit known as ICANN, would be so unchecked that it could “effectively enable or prohibit speech on the Internet.”

“Trusting authoritarian regimes to ensure the continued freedom of the internet is lunacy,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in a statement. “The president does not have the authority to simply give away America’s pioneering role in ensuring that the internet remains a place where free expression can flourish.”

In an interview Thursday with POLITICO, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich stressed he joined other states in the lawsuit because "essentially Congress went into its default mode, which is do nothing."

*This post is a follow up on: Bypassing Congress, U.S. To Give Control Of Internet To 'Private' Global Body On October 1, 2016 - Six Weeks 8-17-16 "...the "U.S. government" intends to transfer internet control to an unknown unaccountable global body...and without any congressional action...Another name for unknown unaccountable global body, much more accurate actually, is 'privatized'. Privatized things benefit only the privatee's. This obviously is a huge deal, also obviously not in a good way for all-things free-speech and open-information-channel related. Heavily censored controlled information only...looks to be the clear winner here. As reported in the above article a number of groups are looking for a way to mount a legal challenge...stay tuned - October 1 2016 the target date. fyi

Only four and only now? staying tuned...

Rev. 18:4

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