Hoboken Another Staged Production? - Looks Exactly Like London March 2016 Biggest-Ever Crisis Drill

At this point is there even one single reason to believe anything coming from the Bureau of Propaganda msm global news-inventing production companies these days. Can't think of one here. Fake ISIS to fake Zika to planes disappearing into thin air to how many trains crashing all over the place. How about Nice, France where the big 'terrorist' truck goes behind the trees at night - nothing to be seen but take our word for it it was bad*. And now Hoboken train runs off the track right into a wall all contained inside the station? Makes no sense but what difference does that make. Doesn't even sound real on the face of it. Of course all the usual sound bites, a few fleeting images flashed repetitively - chaos everywhere, shut it all down, emergency crews running all over, police commandeering everything. Amazing thing - what was shown to the viewing public from Hoboken looks exactly like the London "biggest-ever" mass-casualty drill of seven months ago April-March 2016 (which drill btw was held just three weeks before the Brussels March 22 [3-22 Skull and Bones #] numerology-ridden Isis-psyop**). That biggest-ever London drill? - just so happens it was also a train incident "inside the station"...just like Hoboken This is an excerpt/video from a 3-24-16 post on the London drill:

Staged 'Terror'? - Largest Ever Mass-Casualty Drill 3-Weeks Before Brussels - 2000 Crisis Actors; Photo Gallery 3-24-16 "Staged events or real? This is a story published three weeks back describing the largest ever mass-casualty disaster drill in European history held 2/29 - 3/3, 2016. The drill was a collaboration between four nations - UK, Italy, Hungary and Cyprus, along with "2000 blood covered volunteers", and 70 partner agencies, all set in carefully constructed locations with very real 'special effects'. One year in planning, acted-out three weeks before Brussels. Linked article has 40-plus very-graphic, very lifelike, actual photos from the event - of both the crisis-actors and the staged 'disaster' scenario -- Stage large...[crisis events]? Nothing to it say the special effects boys from the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda - watch us work...then watch the 6:00 news ... Aurora, Sandy Hook, and of course Boston, LAX, Santa Barbara, Dylan Spoof, Chattanooga, Ottowa, Sydney, Paris I/Paris II, Brussels...just to name a few..." [see post]

Hobo Largest ever mass-casualty disaster drill in European history held 2/29 - 3/3, 2016

Screenshot images from the "train incident inside the station" at Hobo London April-March 2016 Largest-Ever Mass-Casualty Drill:

*Nice France Another Psyop: Behind The Trees, At Night, People Running - It's Real Take Our Word For It - ZWO '7777' 7-15-16

**Brussels 'Attack' Revealing Numerology: Date 3-22 Time 9:11; And ZWO Syria Pretext; 2016 Oscars 3-22-16

also: 9-28-16 ZWO Gun-Grab Psyop On Warp Speed...Impossible To Keep Up; It's An Illuminati Card Game - Trump Card? 9-28-16 "Two more 'shootings' already? ...One thing is certain though, all those masonic lodges across the land must really be getting a workout these days with all the overtime they have to be putting in to coordinate and run all these productions..."

Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, LAX, Santa Barbara, Dylan Spoof, Chattanooga, Ottowa, Sydney, Paris I/Paris II, Brussels, San Bernardino, Nice, Dallas, Orlando...etc. etc. etc.. Too many more to keep track of or even remember. It is an absolute barrage from all directions - no end in sight. What they feed you, it's gmo. Don't have to eat it.  Rev. 18:4
Amazing irony - according to the inerrant Word of God, the NWO/ZWO will itself one day see "sudden destruction" ...and they shall not escape:  'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them' - 1Thes. 5:3

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