G20 Meets in 'Hangs-You' (Hangzhou) China To Tighten Zio-Kingdom-Come Noose On World -- Implement UN2030

September 4-5, 2016 the so-called G20 aka ZNWO holds two-day summit in 'Hangs-You'. Is there not an obvious hidden-in-plain sight little-message in the choice of location? Most important thing to note about this 2016 G20 may be that this year for the first time ever the issue of implementing the so-called "2030 Sustainable Development" scheme is in fact "front and center". Which name most by now certainly know is a pathetic euphemism for the true 'nature of the beast' - namely the micromanaged dictatorial global regulatory system being zio-constructed [see link below] for the sole purpose of exercising absolute control over every person place and thing on the earth...by 2030. Note from the below article the G20-ers now have an "action plan". How far this one 'G20 Summit' advances the overall plan may not be so outwardly visible after the two day get-together wraps up, but one thing is very clear - which is this - the 'noose' is being tightened:
G20 Hangzhou summit opens, starting new journey for world's future growth

[excerpted] HANGZHOU, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- The Group of 20 summit opened Sunday in China's eastern city of Hangzhou amid multiple risks and challenges, aiming to find a therapy that can bring the world economy back to a healthy growth trajectory.

The therapy will be an integrative approach to address both the symptoms and root causes, and propel the world economy onto a path of robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth, said Chinese President Xi Jinping when addressing the opening ceremony of the summit.

With the theme of "Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy," the summit has put the issue of development front and center of the global macro policy framework for the first time.

It is also the first time that the G20 has an action plan for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and carries out cooperation to support the industrialization of African countries and least developed countries.

G20 'Hangs-You' Summit to build the Zio-kingdom of the Beast on Earth Sept. 4-5, 2016
Compare: Pope, U.N. 'New' 2030 Sustainability Scam Same As Old Scam: 1995 U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report 9-28-15 "'President Barack Obama joined with world leaders Sunday to commit to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The adoption of the framework [link], announced at the United Nations General Assembly, means the U.S. will join other nations to eradicate extreme poverty and adopt sustainable policies with long-term impact.' -- By the creation of 'sustainability' guidelines - i.e. what is and what is not "sustainable", every facet of life on earth is to then be regulated. Every person, place, thing utterly controlled - within a global system. The end ultimately being the antichrist-Zionist kingdom-comers reigning as overlords of the earth. That's their grand scheme anyway - link. -- All in all very simple to understand. The 'global serfdom' is to be herded into "sustainable communities" worldwide, given solar and fed bugs [link in post] --The actual goal is not really the 'wonderful' so-called "sustainability" to "save the planet" as we are to believe, but rather ownership and control over every square inch of this planet..." [see post - 1995 UN report]
The real zio-globalist goal for all the 'commoners' of the planet? The photo makes it very clear does it not: G20 'Hangzhou'

Rev. 18:4

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Ezekiel 21:27 'I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.'  [the true Christ, the Lord and Saviour Jesus, not the false christ, the anti]

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