1-Yr. Flashback: 'Batman' Trump Speaks From USS Iowa Battleship 9/15/15 - 'Election' 2016 100% Scripted-Production

Originally posted 9-16-15; Trump in true Tycoon Bruce Wayne form gonna 'don' his Batman super-hero alter-ego and swoop in and save the USA from the big bad globalists and arch-enemy to all that is good and wholesome Clinton II aka Hillary? Bam pow smash...bad guys all gone? Think? 2016 'election' - pure illusion peoples, brought to you by the never-tiring sorcery-scripters of New World Kabbalist-Production Enterprises. Series finale coming soon...same Bat time...same Bat-channel - stay tuned:

[original post - excerpted]  Trump Shows 'Bat-Wings' During 9-15-15 USS Iowa Speech - One Month After "I Am Batman" Statement In Iowa

Theatre, pure theatre. Everything, which includes...everything. And never ending. Nothing more so than the charade of the current batch of political candidates supposedly 'running' for the 2016 presidential selection. For starters there is another Clinton, and then there is a third Bush, and then there's the guy making all the outrageous statements - which is in reality the only thing keeping the production at all interesting for public consumption, namely Donald Trump...or should we say "Batman". You may or may not have seen the story back one month ago where on the supposed campaign trail Trump made a pit stop in Iowa for an obviously staged scripted-kid photo-op where the kid asked Trump if he was Batman, to which Trump replied "I am Batman". The little story garnered a lot of internet attention at the time [video, story below]. Oh well, nothing to it right? Well perhaps there might be more to it than meets the all-seeing-eye-of-Horus if Trump's speech yesterday 9-15-15 given from the deck of the Battleship USS Iowa is any indication. It was nothing Trump said in the big speech on board the battleship, but had everything to do with how he was posed while making the speech. Standing in front of a huge gun turret, with a cover of some sort over the base perfectly draped to achieve the desired effect, as seen in the image below, the perfectly positioned photo-op has Trump undeniably showing off a nice big pair of Bat-wings, just the thing that would be expected from 'Batman':

Perfectly positioned for his 9-15-15 USS Iowa speech, "I am Batman" Donald Trump very clearly depicted
with a perfectly formed pair of 'Bat-wings'. Note same hat, clothing as when statement made; see below
Again, what makes this significant is the obviously staged event of one month ago August 17, 2015, also Iowa-connected for whatever that's worth, where Trump did in fact declare himself to be "Batman":

Donald Trump says he’s Batman. Here are 15 reasons why he might just be right [excerpted 8-18-15] Candidate Trump, as if channeling the wily senior politician opposite Robert Redford in “The Candidate,” or Burt Lancaster’s eccentric oilman mogul in “Local Hero,” arrived from the skies as if from Olympus descending. He landed among the fair and good people of Iowa in a Trump copter that, as The Post reported, kicked up an apt metaphor of a duststorm. Then, in canny (and canned) fashion, the leading GOP contender offered rides to some of the cheering children. And one of these kids, 9-year-old William, was savvy enough to be toting a GoPro camera.

“Mr. Trump?” inquired the lens-wielding William.
“Yes?” said The Helicopter Don.
“Are you Batman?”
“I am Batman.”

Youtube "Published on Aug 18, 2015 - Mr Trump refers to himself as Batman on the same day that a man died known as the Route 29 Batman famous on the Internet for being stopped by the police in 2012 in a viral video dressed up as Batman for the entertainment of sick hospitalized children."  [This video no longer exists - below is a replacement]

Where 'they' are going with this, if anywhere, is not knowable at this point. Note also the very strange coincidence with regard to the timing of Trump's 8-17-15 "I am Batman" statement, as reported by the video producer, quoted above. Seems too strange not to be somehow significant. Can only watch for further development on the Trump-Batman theme at this point though. Of course the "Dark Knight' Batman theme coming out of Aurora, and carrying over to the Boston-marathon Joker theme (and Riddler - link) come to mind immediately.

Trump doing some sort of Batman role-playing thing as part of the overall US presidential election process truly reveals the wacky-reality of those pulling the strings in this world. The take away is this: The political scene of this entire world is contrived, controlled, completely manipulated. What goes out to the public is pure theatre. It is not men but spiritual entities behind it all.

As the inerrant Word of God tells us plainly, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places [Eph. 6:12] - is what is running the show in this lost world that we live in. Satan truly is the 'god of this world' [2Cor. 4:4]. Few understand this 'spiritual reality' as being literally true. Especially strange is the vast majority of professing Christians, whom should definitely understand this, and believe it, do not at all. Alas, They are blind [Rev. 3:17]..."

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Compare: Hillary 'Collapses' On 9/11? - Just Like The Twin Towers? Ordo-Ab-Chao 'Election' Hillary-Health-Hoax...And Trump 9-12-16 "Of all possible days for Hillary to 'collapse'...it happens on 9/11? It's all far too obvious now. The supposed coughing fits and other purported health-related incidents over the past few weeks, all leading up to this hugely dramatic 'Hillary 9/11 collapse' scene...This allows for only one possible way that it can be seen. It is the Hillary-Health-Hoax....what if...oh say...Hillary just happened to have another 'episode' right before the election maybe the week before or even the day before the election? What then? ... Trump also has a role to play...it is interesting to note that Trump has a 9/11 as-above-so-below association himself. This was documented in the below post dated 2-29-16..." [see post]
Believer - see: 'Ordo Ab Chao' Election 2016: Phil. 3:20 'This World Is Not My Home' - No "Polis" Or Politics Here For A Real Christian 2-29-16 "Philippians 3:20 'For our conversation* is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ...The true regenerate believer has no 'politics' in this "polis", i.e. world, which is the 'city (polis) of man'...aka Babylon. His 'politeuma' [conversation] is separate, it is in heaven..."
Philippians 3:20 'For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ'  [looking...or do not believe?]


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Ironically, bat is the symbol of the Spetsnaz GRU




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The Coronavirus COVID-19 supposedly originated from a Wuhan citizen eating a raw Bat. The theme continues.

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re: anon comment directly above

ding ding ding flashing lights

...that's a definite connect

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In 1991, Trump jumped out of his limo in NYC to stop a "big guy with a big bat."