Simpsons Predict Arnold Palmer's Death On Same Day Episode 9-25-16?

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Simpsons predicts Arnold Palmer death

Filmed whenever, episode aired today 9-25-16, the very day Arnold Palmer reportedly dies.

In this short clip the name Arnold Palmer is repeated four times, just sort of thrown in there in a way that really makes no sense. One of those is at :25 sec. where cartoon character Homer Simpson says... "Arnold Palmer waaas a golfer..."

Might be said of a person who had retired, but definitely said of a person who had passed away:

Do the Kabbalist sorcery-practitioners creating the fictional narrative for this 2016 make-believe world of theirs fake celebrity deaths for more of their dark ritual purposes? Who can say. Or do they schedule them? Whatever the case Arnold Palmer getting a shout-out on the Simpsons same day as his reported death - hard to not put that one into the 'little too coincidental' category.

Witchcraft and sorcery it's how they do everything [Rev. 9:21]. Be informed not sorcerer-ed.
 Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 29:16 'When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall'


Christsfreeservnt said...

Related to what you just stated, I was curious about the statement made in the cartoon that he was going to "Arnold Palmer" someone, I think he said. So, I looked up the meaning of Arnold, which is "eagle power," and a palmer is one who palms cards by trickery and magic tricks, which is what you suggested this is about.

Mark said...

I'll toss in my two cents since this Simpson's episode seems to coincide with something I'm already led to watch. After NYC, the Arch of Palmyra is supposed to go next to Dubai. Dubai is known for its man-made islands in the shape of palms as well as a grouping of islands in the shape of the world's continents. These Palm islands are built into the Persian Gulf (Palmer/golf).

Whats interesting are the names of the islands. One is called Jebel Ali Palm, sounding very much like Jubilee, and the second is called Jumeirah Palm, reminiscent of Jeremiah in the Bible. Jeremiah was all about warning his countrymen.

Since, according to the Rabbinical calendar, the Jubilee year ends early October, the suggestion is that a judgement on the world (islands) is at hand.

BTW. The Genus (scientific name) of the Palm plant is Phoenix


tom m. said...


This is interesting. Did a quick search to see the current status of the project. What turned up was very interesting. Looks like Dubai's "The World" islands project after initially getting started supposedly ran into financial problems around 2008 with the so-called global economic crisis. Work was stopped and a few years after that 'The World' was reported to be sinking back into the sea. Sinking into the sea? - sounds like (the 'legend' of) 'Atlantis'...the antediluvian nephilim city that sunk into the sea [at the flood of Noah].

But very recently, now in 2016, reports are coming out that the project is about to be 'revived' - or shall we say that 'Atlantis' is about to rise again:

Dubai's 'The World' islands could finally be coming to life [March 2016]

All timed, as you point out, for the jubile - which in the Mosaic law is when all the land was to be returned to it's original owner - Lev. 25:10; 27:24

The whole thing sounds like a huge as-above-so-below ritual.

Mark said...


Interesting observations. There has definitely been a lot of "Flood" ritualism over the last few years. One of the hidden esoteric meanings of the name Dubai is 'Money', and we all know time is money. Time flood coming a'la CERN?