Progressive, Pizza Hut New Commercials Attack "Conspiracy Theeeorists" - ZWO On The Offensive; Flat Earth Psyop

ZWO ups the attack on 'conspiracy theeeorists'. Two brand new commercials designed obviously to marginalize and stigmatize "conspiracy theeeorists" as not-playing-with-a-full-deck complete whack-jobs

...who do things like backward masking Flo and uncovering hidden 'illuminati' messages, and who are basement dwellers - in their mom's basement of course, and they want to 'awake' others:

[(replacement vid) disclaimer: floating eyeball like upper left cover image 1st 5 seconds - do block it out]

...and Pizza Hut tag-teaming with Flo getting in on the mock too. 'Conspiracy theeeorists' see illuminati shadows everywhere, they have lost their minds and suspect everyone and everything ...and they are so nuts they even believe the earth is flat too...* (ET tearing-up over the 'flat' pizza: "round...like home"). Interesting thing this - now can be seen the purpose of the very intensive 'flat earth' psyop** that seemed to come out of nowhere - get a 'flat earth' conspiracy going, lump them in with all the other 'conspiracy theeeorists', then paint them all as loony-tuners. Oh, you believe 9/11 was an 'inside job'? - ha you must be a flat-earther too ha ha ha:

*cuckoo for cocoa puffs conspiracy guy: [:08] "...this deal has illuminati written all over it"


And both 'commercials' getting plenty of NFL slots and primetime air time. All in all amazing stuff. 2016 USA the zio-masonic kabbalist illuminati-ers are on the offensive. No doubt the subliminal-conditioning will be effective with the quote-unquote 'masses' too. Soon as they hear something like, oh for instance...hey what about 9/11? - their programmed hypnotized brains will say to them, without even a conscious awareness... 'oh no, it's one of those basement-dwellers pizza hut illuminati flat-earth crazies get away get away I don't want to hear it...'

At least that is the obvious intent of the znwo-gang who come up with this stuff.

Suppose this shows a little more why the recent internet-seize too [link]. Be aware of all.

Rev. 18:4
**On 'flat earth' see: flat earth hoax - link

Fixed globe earth the science: Geocentricity [pdf]

Ephesians 6:12 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places'


Christsfreeservnt said...

They are already programmed to respond this way. This just takes it to a new level. The plan seems pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

Yes the programming is real and deeply embedded in the average American's psyche. I tried to talk about basic Zionism to a family member and his response was warning me not to be like the people in the movie American History X.

Anonymous said...

Amen Christsfreeservnt!

John Cole said...