'Ordo Ab Chao' Election 2016: Phil. 3:20 'This World Is Not My Home' - No "Polis" Or Politics Here For A Real Christian

As far as presidential so-called elections go, without question it is safe to say that never has the USA witnessed such an obvious production of 'purposeful ordo-ab-chao' as is presently underway with the Bernie Hillary Trump Cruz show. Supposed Clinton criminal e-mail activity, to endless purposely-outlandish Trump-isms supposedly turning the entire Republican 'establishment' against him, to, after Obama having set the Constitution-defying precedent 8-yrs back, a now open flaunting of non-natural born citizenship with Canadian born of Canadian parents Cruz - as well the open flaunting of non-election delegate awarding as seen in CO - just to cite a few of many more possible examples - like for just one more the supposed Cruz-womanizing 'allegations'...the whole thing has become an open mockery. Everyday non-stop new drama and scandal soap opera at it's best. What the 'new-order' is to be that will come from the 2016 presidential-selection 'chaos' is still too soon to tell, and, unfortunately, still seven long months of plot-twisting mind-bending make-believe before 'the torture' comes to it's scripted end. Which 'end', by the way, is guarrrr-an-teed to advance only the Znwo-ite agenda [link]. Real not professing-only believer be very, very glad that "this world is not your home" [Luke 4:5-8; John 18:36]:
[Video and comment above video originally posted 11-25-09]

Christian, Can You Feel At Home In This World Anymore?

A flash from the past, circa early 60's. "This world is not my home...i'm just-a passing through...my treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue"? You would be hard pressed to hear the words of this song, or any like them, anywhere these days. Modern day professing Christendom has settled right down in this ol' world [cf. Rev. 3:17] - fat, happy, and loving life in Babylon...

Philippians 3:20 'For our conversation* is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ'  - link

*NT Greek word translated into the English word "conversation" is:  politeuma pol-it'-yoo-mah from 4176; a community, i.e. (abstractly) citizenship (figuratively):--conversation

Note: the English word 'politics' is derived from the same root word as the Greek "politeuma". That word is "polis" meaning 'city':  "The English word "political" has at its root the Greek word for "city" (polis). Hence, originally, “political“ had something to do with the formation of a city, particularly its social structures.5  “In later Greek politeuma can mean not only the administration and structure of the political body but also that body itself, or its members."6  Furthermore, subgroups within the city can also be identified with this word, so long as they have officials who establish rules of conduct: 

'It can refer to quite a small civilian community, or group of mercenaries, which is organized like a city commune and enjoys a measure of independent existence alongside the city commune... . The significant feature of such a politeuma is that it has officials and can pass decrees independently of the rest of the community'.7" [source]. 

The true regenerate believer has no 'politics' in this "polis", i.e. world, which is the 'city (polis) of man'...aka Babylon. His 'politeuma' is separate, it is in heaven... Rev. 18:4


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelty Jim Reeves is Lee Harvey Oswald and was involved with the Kennedy assassination.

tom m. said...

had to look that one up...

unconvincing though, have to say.

and as the supposed 'Kennedy assassination' with the impossible magical bullet is not believable at all...

nothing about it can be taken at 'face' value