ZWO Hacking The Language To Advance Gendercide: All-In-One Term "Nonbinary" Now Legal 'Gender' in Oregon

This post related to: "NYC Pride" Official Brochure Reveals List Of Their 31 New-World-Order 'Genders' - And New Term "Expression" 5-31-16 "As the devilish attempt at redefinition of the human species continues on it's mad course to certain eventual confrontation with the LORD God Almighty who in the beginning made them male and female" [Mark 10:6], note especially the continual use of changing of the language. In very short order, what originally started out as the so-called battle for "transgender" rights did not stay there long, as being somewhat limiting, but to allow a much broader interpretation was quickly redefined and then relabeled as a battle for "gender identity" - meaning no actual surgical procedures and/or hormonal drugging would be necessary before a person could claim a legal right to 'identify' as other than their true biological sex. But as can now be seen, this too has it's limitations, so, in even more sudden fashion, in another blink of an all-seeing-horus-eye, a even newer, even more all-encompassing phrase has now been added to the ordo-ab-chao mix: "gender expression"...'Gender' now has nothing to do with anything. Just make it up as you go, anything a person can dream up - that's their 'expression'..." [see post]
Nonbinary now a legally recognized gender in Oregon

Oregon residents can now legally change their gender to “nonbinary,” according to a circuit court ruling. Nonbinary refers to individuals who identify with any gender identity, and [Oregon] is the first in the nation to recognize it.

An umbrella term for anyone who does not identify as just male or just female, nonbinary, for the first time in US history, is being legally recognized as a gender.

The attorneys at the Transgender Law Center believe that this may be the first ruling of its kind in the US, Transgender Law Center's legal director, Ilona Turner, said in an email to the Dot.

Nancy Haque [hack?], a co-executive director for Basic Rights Oregon, told Oregon Live that...this was a “momentous day for genderqueer Oregonians...”

Hacking the human male-female gender reality

re: "Nancy Haque [hack?], a co-executive director for Basic Rights Oregon, told Oregon Live that...this was a “momentous day for genderqueer Oregonians...”

...and so, once again, with another devious and far-too-simple use of the novus-ordo-seclorum language-changer tool, no need to even bother any more with 31 different terms like in NYC - or even 131 for that matter - to try to describe any particular ludicrous whim of any particular person's particular gender-'expression'-delusion. All of that is far too complicated for the average-Joe so all of that is out the window now, all to be replaced with the brand new one-size-fits-all - expressly designed for the Znwo global minionization-agenda - 'hacked' word "nonbinary". Which of course in new-world-vocabulary is to be understood, and accepted, as, of course, meaning anything other-than "binary". Binary, nonbinary...what's the problem?

"Non" what?

Robbing the absolutely factual words 'male' and 'female' of their true definition and proper use in human language and stuffing them together into a new container labeled "binary"? A clear language-hack if there ever was one.

With male-female replaced by "binary", this now enables the introduction of a 'non' category, or something 'other than'. Male and female being in no way non-descriptive words, allow no 'other than' or 'non' category, but 'binary' does. All very natural, you first have the non-descriptive term 'binary', which then very easily allows for the introduction of the countering non-descriptive 'other than' term "nonbinary".

Binary and nonbinary. Let the gendercide agenda proceed. It does not get any more devious, wicked, evil, than this.

Very important note: To use redefined language is to fall into a trap...in this case to accept the words binary and nonbinary as valid. They are not. Neither one. Male and female are the only valid words that exist in the human language, any version, to describe the "gender" of any human being. XX or XY. End of discussion.

Do not fall into the trap of accepting or using the subversive redefined terminology of the lying-linguists of the would-be new-speak world order.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 73:9,20 'They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth...so, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt despise their image'

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