Orlando Staged? 1 Yr. Flashback 'Crisis Actors' Show How It's Done At Largest-Ever 'Crisis-Drill' Hawaii June 2015

Reposted from 6-11-15
Vigilant Guard 15 Hawaii was an eight-day exercise that began on June 1 at multiple locations on four islands with more than 2,200 participants. Four other states (Utah, Nevada, California and Oregon) and Guam also participated.

Youtube: "Complete with crisis actors, decontamination centers, and quarantine zones. In one scenario that played out, soldiers practiced treating casualties from a collapsed building as a fuel spill contaminated the area. Vigilant Guard 15 utilized over 2,200 participants from multiple states reacting to a natural disaster and is the largest mass casualty exercise to date. More than 700 participants traveled from Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Guam. Military personnel and first responders, using Chinook and Blackhawk Helicopters, also practiced a variety of scenarios including disease outbreak and cyberattack"

Realistic scenarios, lifelike makeup, skilled acting, virtually indistinguishable from 'real life', or what is commonly portrayed on the 'msm evening news' at least. Plane crashes, train crashes, boats sinking, random shooters, marathon-bombers, and on it goes. What does the math say? Take note.


Compare: Boston 'Bombing' Real Or Staged? Decide For Yourself - Photos, Videos 4-25-13 "Telegraphed in the now infamous "Family Guy" episode, lead character essentially named 'Joker' [see post], thousands of endlessly conflicting stories serving to create and maintain confusion...as well as hundreds of photos and videos (as those who have made the effort to look for themselves know) raising far more questions than are answered...The alleged issues raised by the photographs and videos primarily have to do with the question of whether or not the 'bombing' was real or was it completely staged" [see post; videos]


Rev. 18:4
6-22-16 update: Orlando A Psyop-Hoax? Names Give Away The Truth - Gay Innuendos And Word Plays

Proverbs 23:23 'Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding'

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