Next Step Total Martial Law France: Lifeguards To Now Be Armed

French Lifeguards to be armed for summer

LIFEGUARDS on beaches in France have been authorised to carry guns this summer, as a union leader has warned they could be potential terror targets.

The measure only applies to the head of the surveillance team and their deputies.

An internal memo from the director of the CRS, seen by LCI states: “In a context where the forces of order are particularly exposed to the risk of confrontation with armed and extremely dangerous individuals, the necessity to intervene to neutralise them has brought me to oversee by this note the arming of CRS personnel on the beaches for the summer season 2016.”

A special holster will be designed for lifeguards to carry the weapons.

The secretary general of the Unité SGP Police-FO union, Nicolas Comte, said: “The arming of the CRS on the beach is a first, it’s true...we want our colleagues, who oversee the security of bathers and the overall security of the beach as well as their own safety, to carry their service weapon.”

This post is a follow up on: 'Paris Terrorist' Ordo-Ab-Chao Update: French Now Under Permanent 'Martial Law'- Military Everywhere 4-24-16 "The constant presence of camouflage uniforms everywhere from quiet neighbourhood streets to Métro carriages, patrolling past schools at home-time or milling through markets, has transformed the cityscape' -- the 'new normal' for France - that is that France was now to be permanently transformed into a militarily controlled society...because of the purported January 2015 Paris 'terrorist attack"...[as announced] April 2015 ...[and] as vividly reported by the author of the [posted] article, this is exactly what has happened. France has been dramatically transformed...into what can now only be seen essentially as an entire nation under martial law..." [see post]

The end game of the ZWO bogus 'GWOT' on full display in France...full blown martial law. Now in place, even all the way down to the beach...because of the bad bad "terrorists". Yes...of course that's why.

Definitely note it. Same plan everywhere.
 Rev. 18:4
Amos 9:8 "Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth..." [ZWO]


Anonymous said...

hi Tom-

Been enjoying your blog for years now....I appreciate all of your diligence in serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. I want to ask you about "the mandela effect"... you have probably run across it in your research. Would love your take on it especially how it relates to the KJV.

tom m. said...

Thanks for the feedback -

re: mandela effect


The first thing is always to examine the source of a thing. In this case the source is supposedly a “paranormal consultant” identified by the name Fiona Broome. Whether this is a real person or just a name and a face to be attached to the so-called mandela effect 'internet phenomena' is not important. Real or invented though, nothing coming from the 'paranormal' is going to be 'safe' - and this alleged mandela-effect is wholly based on getting people to believe in things 'paranormal'- even to the point of parallel universes, time travel, all the nonsense about CERN and portals (CERN - another total psyop), etc.

Note the use of the phrase internet phenomena because the 'm-e' has only been able to spread as it has by way of the internet - and there seems to definitely be a concentrated effort to flood social media, forums etc, with it.

Digitally changing things past is easily done - which is how this thing has gotten started - oh look 'this thing' is not how you remember it at all is it...oh and what else is 'not how you remember it'..

Bottom line the thing is a massive psyop. And a serious one because it being used to make people begin to question everything they ever thought they knew - that maybe it's not really true, not how they remember it. Even calling into question the KJV bible - that it's been changed - which if they get people believing that the next step is calling into question everything about God and the origin of the world and mankind.

(How did the KJV get changed? someone via CERN went back in time and changed it - or that CERN is causing some kind of a 'merging of dimensions' which may magically have caused the words on the page to have changed - is the type of absurd pure-psyop lies being put out)

The 'Mandela effect' is to be rejected absolutely. And note there is nothing 'paranormal' about it at all...because the whole thing is a complete and total lie - absolutely everything about it a-z entirely fabricated. It is a purposeful-delusion (psyop) - just packaged in a 'paranormal wrapper' for marketing - and directed against the 'sheeple' to delude their minds

An orchestrated deception like this is not paranormal, it is witchcraft/sorcery - 2Tim. 3:13.

And is to be utterly rejected.

Rev. 18:4