Scary-Franken-'Female' Bruce Jenner SI Cover Out June 8 - But Not Nude Say They; And Gorilla, Cecil Psyops

Follow up on:Bruce XY Jenner To Do Nude 'Transgender' SI Cover w/Gold Medal, USA Flag - ZWO 'Manslaughter' Agenda* Full Speed 5-4-16 "'...Jenner, who was once the epitome of American masculinity...' -- "Once the epitome"...hence the perfect subject for 'trance-formation' into the now sad-parody of poster-boy for the intended androgynous global slave class..." [see post]
Jenner will not be nude on 'her' Sports Illustrated cover

A spokesman for the magazine shot down reports that the transgender reality star will appear on an issue this summer wearing nothing but an American flag and her Olympic gold medal.

"Rumors and speculation of Caitlyn Jenner posing nude for the Sports Illustrated cover are completely inaccurate," Sports Illustrated spokesman Scott Novak told the Daily News.

Novak also said the publication doesn't anticipate the front of the magazine featuring Jenner draped in an American flag in any capacity.

Jenner, 66, is set to appear on the front of the magazine on June 8.

Apparently the 'leaked' story about surgically-manufactured chemically-manipulated male Jenner now portrayed as a 'fe'-male posing nude on the cover of an iconic American sports magazine was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Not the posing part of course, just the 'nude with the flag' part. Regardless, no doubt the stunt was a complete success. Worldwide attention has been drawn to the coming event - i.e. the infamous 'cover shot' - which is now just days away, scheduled to hit the newsstands June 8, 2016.

Scary looking franken-fe 'male' in unknown attire to be shoved in the face of John Q. Public globally and made out to be a wonderful thing. How much more obvious can it be that a psyop is a psyop than this ridiculous, beyond all levels of absurd, absolutely not-believable as naturally-occurring, Olympic-hero Jenner-goes-glam saga-psyop? Answer: it does not get any more obvious than this.

Funny thing is it not how all the psyops work together for the same end-goal. That goal is very simply the androgynization of the 'human cattle' aka 'goyim' for 'herd management' purposes [link]. Cecil-lion and the more recent oh-so-tragic 'Gorilla-gets-shot-to-save human' psyop were 'productioned' for the exact same purpose. That is, in both instances, the use of the dialectic to equate animal life and human life as being equal [see: Cecil] - because lowly 'humans' actually are just animals you see, i.e. 'cattle' - and male or female makes no difference they're all the same because they're just cattle anyway, according to the zio-kabbalist mindset, that is, the driving force behind the devilish-ness - which mindset also at the same time elevates the holders of this belief system to divine-status i.e. gods-r-us...but not-u [link].

Moral of the story: this is what happens in the world when certain believe the Satanic lie of the serpent first told in the garden of Eden and repeated unceasingly to deluded men ever since "ye shall be as gods" - Gen. 3:5

It was a lie. They won't. Never ever - Rev. 19:19-21

Meanwhile, incoming....take cover.


1-yr flashback:

Castrated Silicone-Implanted Hormone-Injected Bruce Jenner Now A Woman Says ZWO - And They Want You To 'Play Along' (Psyop Foretold in 1997 TV Sitcom) 6-2-15 [see 1997 video @ link]

"Some might find the title this of post objectionable, or say it is provocative, or judgmental, or some such thing. But this is not at all the case. To the contrary, rather than objectionable, what is stated is purely objective - that is, a very simple straightforward stating of facts.

Bruce Jenner a woman? When every cell in the body carries male DNA, can a surgeon's knife change this? A woman cannot be made by a surgeon. Multiple face-lifts, castration, and the placing of bags of silicone or a saline solution in a man's body is not how a woman is made. A woman cannot be made by an injection of hormones, which are nothing but chemicals essentially. Chemicals cause chemical reactions, but causing a chemical reaction is not how a woman is made. Chemical reactions cannot convert male DNA to female DNA. Only the LORD God Almighty creator of heaven and earth [Gen. 1:1] can make a woman. The Kabalist would-be-gods of this lost world though would like everyone to ignore this inescapable truth and play along with their androgynous-humanity trance-formation scheme that envisions all bowed down to them as a soul-less identity-less minion-slave-class. This truly is the madness behind the method.

Back to the immediate subject though. Every woman should be highly insulted at the notion of declared-womanhood by surgically-altered males. If such a one is permitted entrance into the sanctity of true womanhood, this then robs all women of the beauty and sanctity of their God-given uniqueness. No man can ever be a woman. A woman is a marvel of the creation of God (Gen. 2:21-22), no amount of imitation can make up for the intangibles that make a woman 'not a man'. And thank God for those intangibles, for the 'women's touch', without which, well, hard to even comprehend how dismal things would be without that.

At any rate, below is a repost from 4-26-15. This was the day of the big Sawyer-Jenner coming-out interview seen worldwide. Couple of things mentioned there to note: First, it was clear at that point that it would not be long before they had "Jenner all dolled up" and started parading their 'creation' around all over everywhere. Well sure enough, the Vanity Fair* photo-shop picture of appointed transgender-wunderkind Jenner just came out [6-1-15], which without a doubt all have seen so is not posted here. And without question, they had Jenner dolled-up like there's no tomorrow. And here's the thing about that - the 'Jenner parade' is just getting started.

Second, the 'Jenner parade' is just going to be a first-phase actually. This production is opening the floodgates - like what just happened in Texas (as-above-so-below?) - and the ZNWO novus-ordo-seclorum new-human transgender-agenda will now be ramped up like nothing ever seen. Definitely expect it to be unrelenting from every conceivable direction.

Which brings up the last point. This thing will not be stopped, and it's already unavoidable, and clearly is only going to get worse. But, regardless of all this, 'playing along' is optional.

No matter how loud and how long they scream, boys will always be boys. Play not.
 Rev. 18:4
Rev. 20:10 'And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever'

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