Alleged Orlando 'Isis_Gay-Shooter' OM Connected To Crisis-Actor Company "CrisisCast" - Crisis Faking An Industry

Follow up on: Orlando 'Crisis Actress' (?) Grieving-Mom Pushes Assault Weapon Ban, LGBT Agendas; "ISIS"? 6-12-16 "I just want to say...please could we do something...with the assaulllt...weapons....I beg all of you please..."
Professionally Faked Crisis Events - It's An Industry

updated 6-21-16 Alleged Orlando 'gay-shooter' allegedly tied to Crisis-Actor company

In the first place, at this stage of the game, absolutely nothing in any way connected to the so-called msm 'news agencies' can be taken for truth - no matter what. And without question anything to do with this latest-greatest Isis_gay_gun-control cui-bono Orlando 'crisis' is no exception. Once again another out-of-the-blue alleged mass shooting is presented to John Q. for Public consumption, and, once again, typically, the alleged mass shooter is no-more. Nevertheless, also just as typically, the cui-bono factor is then exploited for every Znwo-agenda gain imaginable. Which, building upon all preceding events with a snowball-down-the-hill effect, is used to add to the critical mass needed to bring about a planned permanent 'new-order'. Namely police-state paradigm-shifting and/or forwarding the Middle East takeover - scripted-WWIII pretext [link].

With that, this hot-off-the-press 'news' on the latest 'snow-ball enlarger' the Orlando-episode: As the story goes, according to recent 'revelations', as no doubt many are now aware, the alleged Isis-sympathizer closet-homosexual psychologically-impaired gay-club shoot-em-up lone-wolf Orlando perpetrator just so happened to work for a number of years at the world’s very largest security firm, a company named G4S [link]. And as it so happens, this company called G4S just so happens to supposedly be a client of a very large well known company that specializes in staging mass casualty events to 'train' emergency personnel, named CrisisCast.

The above is a screenshot from the CrisisCast website, below are some others, also, as the above, describing just exactly what they do. Posted here for informational purposes.

With this most recent alleged incident being merely just the latest in what is now a long string of similar 'events', the important thing really is not the specific details of any certain one of them - which holds true also for "Orlando". Names and places are inconsequential until the first issue is settled, and the first issue in all these reported incidents is the same, namely whether they are real or whether they are staged. This is the first thing to be decided. And the reality is that the settings and/or characters involved do not necessarily provide any answer to this question. Case in point: Ultimately nothing can be known about "Omar Mateen". Whether so-called "Omar Mateen" worked for "G4S", or did not, or whether he is even a real person, or a fictional character, ultimately is not knowable. For comparison on that point, who is Barry Obama Barak what's his name Soetero - Answer: nobody knows. Make believe characters with pasts that cannot be traced playing roles seems to be a norm. And how hard would it be to construct a totally fictional past life as elaborate as called-for if need-be for any particular role-player in any particular role - Answer: easy. The point is this: whatever 'main' characters are involved in any event, especially those who are 'no more' after the big-event is over, are really not relevant to the big picture, and so little to no effort need be expended trying to 'discover' clues with regard to them. The big picture on these one-after-another world-changing so-called crisis-events is not the 'who' but the 'what', and the 'what' is understanding clearly that staging very elaborate "crisis-events" is a common practice. Moreover it is even now become a thriving industry - no doubt due to the fact that the "ordo-ab-chao Crisis" methodology is clearly the zio-tool-of-choice to facilitate their planned kingdom-kome global-transformation. Also it should be noted that even though there are companies like 'CrisisCast' that exist to do this, they are not the only possible resource if a 'crisis' was to be staged. Zio-Hollywood has been doing the very thing with television and movies for decades:

SFX [special effects]: cgi = computer generated images - to fake anything

All ridiculously confused i.e. not relevant plot-lines aside, which is exactly the case in event after event, organizing and pulling-off fake crisis-events to achieve Zio-global-domination goals - easily done. This is the take-away. Make believe world 2016.

Rev. 18:4
6-22-16 update: Orlando A Psyop-Hoax? Names Give Away The Truth - Gay Innuendos And Word Plays
Job 15:35 'They conceive mischief, and bring forth vanity, and their belly prepareth deceit'

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