Pro Sports Are Over: NBA Goes All-In On Gay - Selling 'Rainbow' NBA-Logo Shirts for Ultra-Radical GLSEN

NBA releases first-ever line of LGBT pride shirts

[excerpted] For the first time in history, a men's sports league has released a special LGBT pride edition of every single one of its team shirts.

On Tuesday, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced the new line—featuring all 30 basketball team logos reworked in rainbow on black backdrops—as a partnership with the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and Teespring.

“Support from professional sports for LGBT people has been one of the biggest cultural developments of the past five years," GLSEN's Executive Director Eliza Byard told the Daily Dot via email on Tuesday. "And the NBA has consistently led the way."

Each T-shirt costs $24.95 and is available on the Teespring website. A full 100 percent of sales will go to GLSEN in its mission to create safe schools for LGBT students in K–12 education.

Related article: When the NBA went all-out gay: "It wasn’t enough for the NBA to celebrate the coming out of Jason Collins...It wasn’t enough for the NBA to slap players with stiff fines for making “anti-gay” comments...It wasn’t enough for the NBA to threaten to punish the city of Charlotte, North Carolina...unless the state allowed men to share locker rooms with women and girls...No, the NBA had to take another, aggressive step, announcing that it is now partnering with GLSEN, the leading gay activist educational organization...Yes, you can now get T-shirts of your favorite NBA team featuring a rainbow-colored version of their logo -- GLSEN's radical activism dating back more than a decade...including: class activities for elementary school students such as "Deconstructing Definitions of Family" and "Discovering Your Inner Trannie"..."cross dressing and non-gender conforming clothing -- It's unlikely that even a great WNBA player could make it as a transgender man in the NBA, but what about the reverse? What if, say, Shaquille O'Neal in his prime came out as transgender, changing his name to Shanita. He would have become the greatest women's player in history..."

another: NBA Sells Rainbow Shirts to Raise Money for Gay Organization That Instructed HS Students in ‘Fisting’

Compare also (as a point of 'historical' reference): NFL Players Union President Says Homosexual Athletes "Showing New Dimension Of Masculinity" 5-6-13 "Well...it was a good run but it's over now. Buh-bye pro sports...all they want you for now is as an instrument of social change -- In an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Domonique Foxworth, president of the National Football League Players Association...said..."we are redefining masculinity and showing a new dimension of masculinity that I'm so proud to be a part of" -- homosexual perversion is now called "redefining and showing a new dimension of masculinity" - and this from the President of the NFL players association. How the mighty have fallen...As for the statement that a "new dimension of masculinity" is now being shown, in reality, instead of the word "dimension" should be the word "demented". Showing a new demented masculinity -- On an interesting aside, now can be seen the madness of dressing the players in all the various sports in hot pink 'accessories' [see 'NFL pretty in pink'] over the last year or so. Pros, colleges, and even high schools. Shoes, gloves, head bands, even jerseys...all in the name of "breast cancer awareness"...or covert homosexual tolerance training in actuality....even conditioning the fans who then become accustomed to seeing their 'sports heroes' dressed in hot pink. That was redefining in action..." [see post]
Rev. 18:4
Exodus 23:32 'Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods'

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