6-9-16 It Hath Begun: CA Doctors Now Killers By 'Assisted' Suicide - New Movie "Me Before You" Glorifies 'Choosing Death'

Follow up on: Hotel California "Assisted Suicide" - California Doctors To Begin Killing Patients June 9, 2016 4-13-16 "'SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Terminally ill California residents will be able to legally end their lives with medication prescribed by a doctor beginning June 9.' -- California governor Jerry Brown signed off on this new doctor-legal-kill law last year October 2015. As stated in the above article, the blood-letting was not to begin on that dark day though. The 'special' legislative session to create the California Brave New World Department of Euthanasia first had to perhaps cross their 't's and dot their 'i's (of Horus) and then wash their hands of the whole bloody affair Pilate-style [Matt. 27:24; cf. Pr. 30:20] before closing up shop. Anyway, apparently whatever was going on is now done and the only thing left is a required 90-day waiting period and then the culling can commence, which exact culling-commencement date will be June 9, 2016, or 6-9. Six - nine...that's the kabbalist witchcraft 'as above so below' number [link] is it not? Run Logan...' [see 'Logan' video below]
California’s End of Life Option law [began today]

(RNS) Somewhere in California on Thursday (June 9), a terminally ill person may lift a glass and drink a lethal slurry of pulverized prescription pills dissolved in water. And then die.

That’s the day the nation’s most populous state implements a law, passed in 2015, making physician-assisted dying accessible to 1 in 6 terminally ill Americans, according to its national backers, Compassion & Choices.

Opponents condemn such laws as a plunge into moral quicksand — a looming danger to the most vulnerable in society who may be coerced to end their lives.

Advocates cheer this “End of Life Option,” the formal name of the law that specifically covers only mentally competent adults...[to be done by way of]...a lethal prescription, which the law dictates only the patient can administer.

Even as California deals with implementing the new law, advocates are stepping up efforts in state after state. Bills modeled on the California law have been submitted in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

A new movie in American theaters, “Me Before You,” concludes (spoiler alert!) with the smart, handsome disabled man, one with all the love and support he could want, choosing to die in a Swiss “suicide hotel.”

"Swiss 'suicide hotel'" [last paragraph directly above]? The entire state of California becomes a giant "suicide hotel" in just two days. As mentioned in the title of the 'follow up' linked at top - in just two days 6-9-16 "Hotel California" opens for business. New businesses always need an advertising campaign and the ZNWO euthanasia department is no different, so with impeccable timing as always, out from Hollywood comes the new feature-length commercial-promo pretending to be a love-story-movie glorifying the new kill-by-doctor medical procedure titled “Me Before You,” as mentioned also just above. The below article gives a brief summation. Note that it was number three at the box office reportedly. How many people walked into a theater not knowing that they were about to be exposed to and subtly brainwashed by a romanticized doctor-kill propaganda film. Answer? No doubt a multitude:
Critics argue "Me Before You" promotes death over disabled living

[excerpted] LOS ANGELES (ChurchMilitant.com) A new film is promoting assisted suicide as an act of love.

"Me Before You," which opened this weekend to mixed reviews, follows a young man paralyzed from the neck down in a motorcycle accident and his young female caregiver, who falls in love with him; the story narrates the last six months of the man's life before he intends to kill himself via Dignitas, the Swiss-based assisted suicide organization. It is revealed toward the beginning of the book the young man promised his mother he would live half a year longer before committing suicide, with his mother hoping six more months will give him the time to realize life is worth living.

The film's eventual assisted suicide is portrayed as an act of love toward his caregiver and parents, on whom the young man does not want to be a burden.

Pro-life organizations are lambasting the film for advocating the idea that death is better than living with a disability. "'Me Before You' literally romanticizes a death wish," claims Tom Shakely, executive director of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network. "And it romanticizes Dignitas, a Swiss death clinic.."

"The film asks and answers its own question in the affirmative: Wouldn't life be better if you were dead?" Shakely notes, in an interview with the Daily Signal.

"Me Before You" clinched the third spot at the box office this weekend, despite mixed reviews from critics.


So-called doctors prescribing death-potions to facilitate "suicide" can in reality only have one true purpose. Cloaking it in compassion-speak until "zio-kingdom comes" can never hide that true purpose either. Killing off the excess sheeple when they become "useless eaters" aka culling the herd is the only possible, and very transparent, reality of the now burgeoning global kill-agenda. And if any believe that the plan is to leave the program as it is here at the outset, with doctors only 'prescribing' for 'willing' patients to self-administer, that really would be quite naive. Once that line of 'power of life and death' is crossed, as it definitely has now been, there are no stops after that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and with the taste of blood fresh on their tongues, the path they've gone down can lead only to an ultimate freefall into corruption virtually unimaginable. Men making themselves god, deciding life and death - what could be more 'Antichrist' than this? That freefall will be stopped one day though - that's what the Battle of Armageddon is going to be for [Rev. 16:16; 19:19].

Back to the present though, the new kill-policy, jump-starting now in CA and spreading nationwide and globally, euphemistically termed "End of Life Option", was the topic of this past post from 10-6-15:

6-9-12 TIME magazine publishing this cover and the article which goes along with it that "encourages readers to literally pull the feeding tubes", clearly signals the mainstreaming of the idea of so-called euthanasia...We do well to strip away that nice-sounding word "euthanasia" though, and while we're at it the phrase "end of life care" also because these hide what it is that is actually being done. These terms are an attempt to sanitize the blood letting. 'Culling' is the correct word. It is killing off the old, and killing off the weak and tired, or the sick or 'depressed' - those with various issues who wrongly see "assisted suicide" as an answer. This 6-11-12 TIME magazine "How To Die" piece is promulgating the very thing...That it has come to this point is no surprise when the driving force behind the madness is understood. The vast masses of people are viewed by the cabalist-globalists as little more than resources to be managed for their own benefit as they construct the new-order-of-the-ages wherein all of humanity shall be subdued under their totalitarian feet [see: Zionists]...or so they intend. Ridding themselves of those who are no longer 'useful' is purely a business decision in this demonic mindset [see: Drucker/Agenda 21] - no return on the investment after a certain point so might as well put them to sleep..." [see post]

Not much need be added to the comments....directly above. The reality of the issue is very clear. For a society to adopt a policy of so-called 'assisted-suicide' truly represents a radically transformed view of human life. That radically transformed view just made a huge leap forward due to the ZNWO servants-of-Baal calling the shots in California. The un-reality that forms the basis for this 'view' is the self-perceived ownership of the masses of the 'lesser species of common man'. This "lesser species", in the self-deluded mindset of the would-be super-lords of the earth, are what they have already designated as being nothing more than "minions" - literally human cattle [link]. This is the absolute bottom line of the issue. And culling 'the herd' is in fact the cold callous cabalist reality of that bottom line.

Culling the herd was the story-line in the 1976 cult-classic movie "Logan's Run". 'Run Logan run' is a famous line from the movie that became something of a maxim, even still to this day:

Now with regard to this 1976 movie, and the whole subject in general, here is something very interesting: A remake of the movie 'Logan's Run' is even now in pre-production [link]. No dates as of yet, but they're working on it. And they're working on it in 'real life' too. California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont leading the way. As stated in above posted article, definitely an "historic day".

But, while the god-complexed would-be super-lords of earth entertain their grandiose illusions of their own transformative apotheosis, they one day will surely be completely dis-illusioned of this self-imposed delusion [Psalms 82:6-7].

Don't be one of them.
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 68:20 'He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death'

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