New Encyclical? Pope Says All World Religions Must Form 'Climate Change Plans' -- Oh Wait, That Was 2009

Follow up on: Pope NWO 'Climate Change Encyclical' Coming June 18: Catholicism Delivered Up To A21 Green-Slavery Scheme 6-15-15 ..."the long promoted Great 'Climate Change Encyclical' of 2015 supposedly authored by none other than Pope-NWO Bergoglio/Francis himself is scheduled for release Thursday June 18, 2015. This coming event ...is very simply the outworking of a long known 'global agenda'...or two, actually...Nothing new from Pope-NWO then at this juncture, but it definitely is a whole new level of frantic-propaganda-push.." [see post]
Pope NWO has a new encyclical? Ho hum. Prior-pope still-living Benedict had a 'new encyclical' too, all the way back in 2009. As seen below, environment, ecology, climate-change, fossil fuel, etc. etc. etc.. Nothing new at all in 2015. Same old hype...from the same old script. What should be understood though is that what is stated in the comments in this 2009 post (below) is just that much further along in the attempt to bring it all to pass. Namely the green global-power-grab to gain control over every person, place, and thing on the planet via new green-planetary-regulations made necessary, as the hype goes, in order to 'save the earth'...because of looming 'climate-change-caused planetary destruction'. One further note of interest concerning 'papal encyclicals'. Once issued by the Catholic-claimed infallible one i.e. the pope, the new 'writing', in this case the 'green gospel', then becomes official and permanent Catholic Church doctrine. How could it be otherwise? - for thus saith the infallible-one himself.  Rev. 18:4

Originally posted 7-27-09

Pope, World Religions to Form 'Climate Change Plans' - Conference 11-'09

Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs fight global warming jpost.com

As political leaders aim for a momentous climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, religious leaders are rolling up their sleeves as well.

This month, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu and Sikh leaders all pledged to build climate change plans for their adherents. Jewish leaders have also promised to build a seven-year climate change plan.

The world religions initiative is being organized by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, a UK-based organization founded 14 years ago by Prince Philip.

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI firmly placed ecology and the environment into the mainstream of Catholic concerns in a new encyclical. The pope argued, much as Jewish leaders do, that the Earth was given to human beings to preserve and protect. He singled out fossil-fuel-guzzling countries for criticism, both for their deleterious effect on climate change and for the social inequality he said they engender.

The Alliance of Religions and Conservation is organizing five- to nine-year plans from the 11 major religions of the world which will be presented at Windsor Castle in November, ahead of the Copenhagen conference.

The alliance was founded to harness the potential of the world's religions. Taken together, they hold sway over vast numbers of people around the world. The potential for reaching out and changing the habits of ordinary individuals is tremendous, the organization believes.

From a materialistic perspective, the world's religions own many profitable temples, tracts of land and other assets, which, if greened, would be beneficial in and of themselves.
re: 'five- to nine-year plans'

"Harnessing the potential of the world's religions"

So called climate change, once again, is about nothing more than controlling every person on this planet, as well as every square inch of the planet itself, through the guise of environmentalism. A massive power grab, in other words, by powerful globalists, to subdue absolutely everything unto themselves through a plethora of new 'green' regulations touching every activity on earth, which we are told, are necessary to "save the planet".

As all the world is to be forced to submit to the control of these globalists, the unrelenting climate change
propaganda being used to achieve that end will be virtually impossible for anyone to avoid. As seen here, part of the plan is to use the world's religions for the purpose of indoctrinating the masses, because, to quote the above article, they "hold sway over vast numbers of people around the world". Not only that, but there are also "many profitable....tracts of land and other assets" which, as part of the all-encompassing agenda, must also be "harnessed" for the use of the global system.

Catholics take note, the pope has made this 'one world government' propaganda a top priority. That should be cause for serious concern.
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John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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1Timothy 2:5 'For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus'

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