Church Shooting Psyops? 1 Yr. Flashback: Two Catholic Priests 'Shot' In 'Phoenix' 6/12/14; 'Last Rites' Ritual

Follow up on: Charleston? Eric Holder On Gun Agenda 1995: "Anti-Gun Message...Be Repetitive...Brainwash People" 6-18-15 "'We just have to be repetitive about this' -- Disarming John Q. Public? How big of a task would that be? How much 'repetitive-ness' should it be supposed would be needed to pull that off? Simulated "repetitions" even? - over and over and over, year after year, in order to "really brainwash people..." [see post]

Excerpted; originally posted 6-12-14:
6-12-14 Phoenix-Catholic "Shooting": Last Rites...Of Catholicism?

Police Hunt For Gunman Who Killed Phoenix Priest, Wounded Another 6-12-14

Phoenix police continued hunting Thursday for at least one suspect who fatally shot one priest and critically injured another in a Catholic church rectory. The church had no surveillance cameras, but police said they are reviewing "strong physical evidence" and canvassing the neighborhood for tips to help identify a suspect or suspects...

Before Walker's death, Terra was able to absolve him of his sins and offer his last rites as part of Catholic tradition, said Fr. Fred Adamson of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

Another so-called random shooting today [6-12-14], this one in "Phoenix". Note that it was Catholic Church related, and those paying attention are very aware that the Catholic Church is currently undergoing a major deconstruction/phoenix-rebirth transformation under fake 'false prophet' Bergolio-Francis [link]. Fitting that story line perfectly note that it is reported that one priest gives the other his "last rites" before expiring. Understanding the depth of the 'Francis-transformation' that Catholicism is now being subjected to, seems almost as if this last rites ceremony could be seen as another as-above-so-below ritual, symbolic of the performing of the "last rites" of the Catholic Church, especially considering the events of Sunday June 8, 2014 with the first time in history Muslim, Jewish, Catholic one-world-religion prayer at the Vatican [link]. And as for the "absolving of sins", the 1600 plus year history of the Catholic Church, as is well known by any who have ever looked into it, is filled with, to put it succinctly, overmuch wretchedness. To "absolve" it when finished with it does seem very kabalistic-ritualistic appropriate. Or, is it all coincidence? - Far too coincidental to be.

One more curious thing worth noting: The name Adamson appears in the story. The name 'Adam' means man. To the Kabalist the name Adam essentially signifies man perfected, or deified. Adam son, or, son of Adam, can be understood as a reference to Antichrist, the Satan possessed human, i.e. man at his highest attainment. Adamson of Phoenix?
Just noticing; see: Adam Lanza ('lands' - Luke 10:18)

With 'randoms' (being staged) now virtually daily [link], it is nearly impossible to keep up. But seeing through it all is simple, and crucial, so as not to be reduced to living in a lie [Eph. 6:14].

'Last rites' of Catholicism? compare: Pope NWO 'Climate Change Encyclical' 6-18-15: Catholicism Delivered Up To A21 Green-Slavery Scheme "Note to Catholics: The kingdom-comers are finished with traditional Catholicism. Over and done. It is being deconstructed, purposely, and reconstructed, so as to be fitted, eventually, into the Kabbalist one-world-religious system of the anti-Christ Zionist-kingdom-come [link]. That is the harsh reality and there is no way around it. The only option is to come to terms with that reality and respond accordingly...and "come out of her my people" - Rev. 18:4; cf. Rom. 10:9-10"
The Kabbalista would-be masters-of-the-universe [Psalms 12:4] thrive on illusion. Without illusion they could accomplish none of their agenda. That agenda is to defy Almighty God and set themselves in his stead. The 'Tower of Babel' all over again. Their modus operandi is to deceive the nations. To deceive is the religion of the Kabbalah [link]. The Kabbalah is sorcery. Illusion is employed in the practice of sorcery. Continually. As in non-stop.

It's all make believe.

There is a happy ending though - this new Tower of Babel, this 'Babylon the great' now being constructed by way of deceit (sorcery)...will not stand - and that's a thus-saith-the-LORD.* - Rom. 10:13

Rev. 18:4
*Revelation 18:2,23 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.'