'4th-Beast' Alert: Spain Crossing Over Into Totalitarianism With Three New Laws Set To Begin July 1, 2015

This post related to: UK Going Full Big Brother: Social Media, Blogs To Be Monitored In 'Real Time' For "References To...Government" 6-6-15 "The aim is to catch not just those who spread or incite hatred on the grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake harmful activities for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy' -- While the Government has at times monitored digital news for a number of years, this is the first time that the Government has awarded a contract specifically for that purpose, and the first time that its surveillance specifically includes social media" [see post]
Spanish Congress Approves Draconian Laws Essentially Sending Spain Back to the Dark Ages

Yesterday three laws widely criticized by the opposition and human rights groups were approved in Spanish Congress. The Penal Code, the new Anti-Terror Law and the Law on Citizen Safety. The three new texts challenge freedom of expression in the streets and on the Internet. All three laws are scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2015.

Under the new Citizen Safety Law or Ley Mordaza (Gag Law) as human rights defenders have renamed it, public protests, freedoms of speech and the press and documenting police abuses will become crimes punishable by heavy fines and/or jail. Some key points on the Ley Mordaza:

1. Citizen Safety Law or Ley Mordaza

  • Photographing or recording police – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Peaceful disobedience to authority – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Occupying banks as means of protest – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Not formalizing a protest – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • For carrying out assemblies or meetings in public spaces – 100 to 600€ fine.
  • For impeding or stopping an eviction – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • For presence at an occupied space (not only social centers but also houses occupied by evicted families) – 100 to 600€ fine.
  • Police black lists for protesters, activists and alternative press have been legalized.
  • Meeting or gathering in front of Congress – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Appealing the fines in court requires the payment of judicial costs, whose amount depends on the fine.
  • It allows random identity checks, allowing for racial profiling of immigrants and minorities.
  • Police can now carry out raids at their discretion, without the need for “order” to have been disrupted.
  • External bodily searches are also now allowed at police discretion.
  • The government can prohibit any protest at will, if it feels “order” will be disrupted.
The Gag Law will also affect internet freedoms as tweets calling for demonstrations or protests may be subject to penalties and fines for organizers. While an individual user may not be considered “an organizer” it could also be construed to include anyone who disseminates a call to protest through any media, including social media.

As the Ley Mordaza makes it illegal to publish photos of the police or other authorities without permission, sharing those images on social media could also be considered a felony resulting in a fine up to 30,000 euros.

2. Reform of the Penal Code (Código Penal)

Reforms to the Código Penal include some vague and controversial wording that could have wider implications involving copyright, cyberactivism and online porn. Below we will outline some of the points in question.

Reform of the Copyright Act was already approved but the new Penal Code reform also covers cases of copyright infringement...

Together with the Citizen Safety Act, the new Penal Code will also criminalize online activism and organizing imposing sentences between three months to one year to those who “emit slogans or messages”, “incite any offense of disorderly conduct,” incuding “disturbing the public peace.” [see linked article for further details on Reform of Penal Code]

3. Anti-Terrorism Law

The new law uses a broad definition of “terrorism”: Among other things, cybercrime is now considered a terrorist act if the goal is to disrupt and/or disturb the public peace or cause a state of terror.

After the Charlie Hebdo* attacks in France, Partido Popular and PSOE reached an agreement to amend the criminal code on terrorism which was also approved yesterday in Congress. The law again contains some vague language which leaves room for interpretation. [*see: staged]

By expanding the definition of terrorism, it also expands what can be considered “glorifying terrorism” which can include for example tweeting certain content.

Blocking content: The judge may order any service provider (search engines, etc.) to remove links to illegal content related to terrorism.... [see linked article for further details on all the above]

Country by country, piece by piece, staged boogie-man 'terrorist' incident by staged boogie-man 'terrorist' incident, the global population control mechanism is being installed. So this is how Daniel's 4th-beast is devouring the whole earth, treading it down, and breaking it into pieces [Dan. 7:23]...exactly as bible-prophesied*. Amazing to see. Especially in light of the fact of how absolutely everything is being so utterly manufactured - as it obviously is. At any rate, the '4th beast' still has a lot more chomping to do before he can say that he's devoured the whole earth. Definitely not there yet. Quashing resistance is clearly high on his to-do list at this point though, as quite apparently Mr. 4th-Beast with the iron teeth and brass nails [Dan. 7:19] does not appreciate people discussing his activities, as this really can make things so much more difficult for him. UK and now Spain setting the pace.

Interesting to see how these new resistance-quashing efforts work out, and where #4 plans to have his next meal. Be watching.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: USA: Brennan Takes CIA Oath On Pre-Legal 1787 Constitution Without Bill Of Rights; Teddy Roosevelt Symbolism 3-9-13
*The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces...and ten kings shall arise - Dan. 7:23-24


Christsfreeservnt said...

I find it interesting that all of this is happening as we are quickly approaching the 70th anniversary of the chartering of the United Nations. I don't think that is by accident.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "4th-Beast" still has a lot of chomping to do to accomplish his global objective, however, it appears that much will be accomplished this fall (Sept - Oct)as he goes "full throttle" with all the "planned" political/religious events (end of Sept.). Quite interesting about Spain...the son takes over as King (as his father falls from grace) and this new king and queen are seen meeting with many, many other heads of state...all players of the coming NWO. Out with the "old world order" and in with the "new world order." The government of Spain has been quite busy lately!

TruthVigilantee said...

And... pope francis is to take the stage at the UN headquarters in NY in September (around the international day of 'peace'). It's all coming together. It can be assembled overnight. The nazi regime rose practically overnight too.

Their agenda is to label anyone as terrorist extremists who are not going along with their one world religion/government, etc. which includes gay agenda, namely, biblical Christians. They are only villifying the terms of extremist now through isis and charlie hebdo incidents. Then persecution follows easily because it is 'justified' and 'legalized.' We are the 'enemy.' It is coming, so be ready. By the way, charlie hebdo is no hero either, he actually is guilty of real blasphemy... against the real God. He has been mocking the Trinity with lude cartoons for a long time already. I certainly could never hold a sign showing solidarity with him either as a result of that, freedom of speech or not.

Good posts here! You are making up for the lack over at Galatians 4 of relevant posts lately.


tom m. said...


It's clear that you really want to get your message out - but it's time to give it a rest here. Your views are known, and i'm not interested in going back and forth.

9/23-24 end of September will come and go. There will be no "persecution" of Christians anytime soon. Not the 'martyrdom' type you are believing is to occur. Why? - the world is not in Matthew 24 currently. The necessary 'scenario' for Mt24, the AC to arrive, etc. cannot at this time be "assembled overnight".

Before that situation develops, the whole earth must be Dan7 'devoured'. Before this is the case, for one, Russia, China, the entire Middle East, must also be incorporated. This will not happen without the coming fake Gog-Magog WWIII, as stated on many posts here; this being one of the most recent: Russia, China joint military exercises

Is the fake Gog-Magog going to be run and completed by September, with the entire world collapsed and reordered into a "diverse kingdom"? Not likely.

Mt24 and all it entails will not apply until after this whole-earth (Russia, China Middle East, all) conglomeration exists and is also functioning as such. Mt24 and the tribulation refer to the same time period. The true church is excluded. You do not believe this, that is understood.

End of September is a massive psyop, near hysteria for many: perhaps they will crash the stock market for a fake shemitah, last fake blood-moon maybe they go into Syria - who knows; fake false-prophet will give a worn-out climate change speech - yeah yeah yeah; cern is a hoax - men with sci-fi machines will not open any portals, the fake-asteroid strike...we'll see; false-flags to further the whole agenda? - regardless...

All of this is simply the further breaking-up of the existing - these things have to happen, and they are - every country in varying stages. USA has to be merged into the NAU. Nobody ever said it would not be messy - the 'fourth beast is not concerned with his 'table manners'.

Lastly, police state implementation, internet censorship, etc. going on globally is not now directed specifically at Christians. It is designed for overall population control primarily at this point. Can't build a global dictatorship without that in place. Not to say that 'Christian values' are not being attacked, they of course are - but this is not MT24-type persecution.

No seals, no trumpets, no vials, no Mt24 - until after the 4th beast devours the whole earth and ten kings rise, and then another - [Rev. 6:2].

Not there yet. The bride of Christ will already be in the Father's house [John 14:2-3] when the world gets to this point. Stick to the Word of God, be not turned aside.


TV - no need to respond (or continue trying to get your message out here), this is not to debate with you. You hold to your pre-wrath view, my position is that it is entirely incorrect. We'll have to leave it there.

Rev. 22:17

Christsfreeservnt said...

I largely agree with @TruthVigilantee. I believe Obama laid it all out for us in his Cairo speech of June of 2009, and that this is the purpose of the UNAOC, to do away with all "religious extremists," which most especially includes followers of Christ, and to bring all religions into one unified religion which practices tolerance of all faiths, well, of course with the exclusion of acceptance of us "religious extremists." These new internet rules and regulations are most especially aimed at Christians. Who else? Who is Satan's arch enemy? - Jesus Christ and his followers. Who is the dragon raging against? The saints of Almighty God, i.e. those who hold to the teachings of Christ and the apostles, who do not deny the name of Jesus, and who obey Christ's commandments (See Rev. 12 & 14).

Satan is out to destroy us and he is out to destroy the true gospel. This has always been the case. Jesus said we would be hated and persecuted and that we would be treated like he was, so should we expect that just because we live in America that we should somehow be the exception? No! Of course not. Jesus said it, and that makes it true. Christians throughout the world and throughout history have undergone extreme persecution for their faith. In America, so far, we have been blessed to have been spared much of that, but I believe that "blessing" has turned out to be a "curse" in some ways, for without persecution, the church has largely become apathetic to walking in the fear of the Lord, and to living holy lives pleasing to God, and to walking in the Spirit, and no longer according to the flesh.

So, in a way, persecution would be a blessing to the church here in America, for it would bring us to our knees in revival, and the gospel would go forth like it has not for many years, or perhaps ever in our nation, and many will come to Christ as a result, I believe with all my heart. And, I believe this is what scripture teaches. The church in America needs a fire lit under her so that she is delivered out of her complacency and her craving for pleasure to walking in Christ's holiness. Would you not agree?

tom m. said...

The 'persecution' TV is saying is about to begin, not just above but in many other comments, some not posted, is actual martyrdom, based on incorrect eschatology (i.e. Mt24). As correctly stated second comment above, MT24-martyrdom cannot yet be fulfilled, as he is convinced will be shortly.

Also, those who expect some sort of revival do not know scripture. There will be no revival according to the prophetic scriptures, correctly believed. Rather than revival, there is now, and will continue only to get worse, apostasy. This will culminate in "strong delusion". Laodicea will be spued out. This truth is beyond clear in God's Word - link

Believing something "with all your heart" that has no basis in scripture is a big problem.

Rev 18:4