What's Next In the NWO Corruption of America? Ready For Nudity And Profanity On Television?

FCC may drop ban on TV nudity, expletives

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Nudity and expletives normally reserved for cable television would be allowed on broadcast TV under a proposal from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

In an announcement that received little attention but could have a major impact on America's families, the FCC April 1 announced it is considering changes to the current broadcast indecency policies that would permit "isolated expletives" and isolated "non-sexual nudity" on broadcast TV, something that currently could draw a fine...The FCC is asking for public feedback on the proposed policy. The deadline is the end of April

Dan Isett, direct of public policy for the Parents Television Council, said the proposal -- if passed by the FCC's five commissioners -- would lead to dramatic changes on TV.

"Broadcast television would look like HBO -- more nudity, more language, more everything," Isett told Baptist Press...The public can comment on the proposal through the FCC's website, http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs//. (Click on "submit a filing.") The case is GN Docket No. 13-86.

fyi - Rev. 18:4
see: Luke 17:26 'As It Was In The Days Of Noe' - CHM (...so it is today)

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