Cyprus-Cypress? "Derivatives Bust" To Bring Bank Raids In USA? 4-9-13 'Cypress Stabbings' An As-Above-So-Below?

Follow up on: Cyprus Style Bank Raids in the U.S.? "Explicit Procedures" For It In Existing US-UK Joint Document 4-2-13 ""There are provisions in both the UK and the US pertaining to the confiscation of bank deposits. In a joint document of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Bank of England, entitled Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions" - 'Your money is our money' is the new paradigm they have created. It has come to this point not without great planning, but has been a progressive implementation stemming from the manufactured global financial crisis of '08 - designed to do exactly what is here seen - seize financial control of the entire world, right down now to the individual"
Derivatives Managed by Mega-Banks Threaten Your Bank Account. All Depositors, Secured and Unsecured, May Be at Risk globalresearch.ca

Cyprus-style confiscation of depositor funds has been called the “new normal.” Bail-in policies are appearing in multiple countries directing failing TBTF [too-big-to-fail] banks to convert the funds of “unsecured creditors” into capital; and those creditors, it turns out, include ordinary depositors. Even “secured” creditors, including state and local governments, may be at risk. Derivatives have “super-priority” status in bankruptcy, and Dodd Frank precludes further taxpayer bailouts. In a big derivatives bust, there may be no collateral left for the creditors who are next in line.

The Cyprus bail-in was not a one-off emergency measure but was consistent with similar policies already in the works for the US, UK, EU, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

The big risk behind all this is the massive $230 trillion derivatives boondoggle managed by US banks.

The tab for the 2008 bailout was $700 billion in taxpayer funds, and that was just to start. Another $700 billion disaster could easily wipe out all the money in the FDIC insurance fund, which has only about $25 billion in it...There will be no more $700 billion taxpayer bailouts. So where will the banks get the money in the next crisis? It seems the plan has just been revealed in the new bail-in policies...The bail-in policy for the US and UK is set forth in a document put out jointly by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Bank of England (BOE) in December 2012, titled Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions [see 'follow up' linked above].

In an April 4th article in Financial Sense, John Butler points out...
"If you believe that what has happened recently in Cyprus is unlikely to happen elsewhere, think again. Economic policy officials in the US, UK and other countries are preparing for it. Remember, someone has to pay. Will it be you? If you are a depositor, the answer is yes"

The FDIC was set up to ensure the safety of deposits. Now it, it seems, its function will be the confiscation of deposits to save Wall Street...But derivative claims...have super-priority over all other claimants, including other secured creditors. [full article at link]
Can Cyprus happen here - in the U.S.? As the linked article above reveals, the necessary 'crisis' to do what was done in Cyprus is already in place, so to speak. It is fairly simple to understand how the scenario is set up. The pending 'crisis' is the quote so-called "$230 trillion derivatives boondoggle managed by US banks". This so-called derivatives-boondoggle, according to the official story line, has the potential to cause an economic catastrophe resulting in a Wall Street implosion. If a "big derivatives bust", to quote the above article again, were in fact to occur - the existing banking regulations, as it turns out, give the derivative-holders a "super-priority" of reimbursement. That simply means they get paid before anybody else. And wouldn't you know it, if that were to happen, there is no money to pay them off...except of course the bank depositors money. This is the case, as it turns out, because the "Dodd Frank" regulation prohibits another government rescue like 2008. This then leaves only the bank accounts of private individuals. Amazing how that is. And, as it also turns out, the FDIC says they have nowhere near enough money to cover those deposits - 25 trillion vs. 230 trillion is the math, they claim. Long story short - the banks pay them with bank deposits, and the FDIC shows rabbit-ear empty pockets to all the people. [see article for details]

Will "Cyprus" happen here? Or did it possibly already happen here today [4-9-13] in an as-above-so-below ritual? As-above-so-below playacting of events before they are brought to pass is the modus operandi of the cabalist globalists, this is known*. This brings to mind what was reported as happening near Houston Texas this morning [14 Stabbed - Cypress, Texas; 4-9-13], in a town named Cypress. A well known figure of speech for an act of betrayal is "backstabbing". Using that figure of speech, it would not be hard to see how people in Cyprus who have had their bank accounts 'raided' would very likely feel as if they had been "backstabbed". Cyprus - Cypress? People being 'stabbed' in 'Cypress' in the USA is the big story today. Did it really happen, or was it another dramatic production, as many suspect is the case in many of these type events?

Whatever the case, a "Cypress" stabbing-event of some sort happened this morning in America, and, a financial-crisis scenario is now set-up which can bring a Cyprus-style 'backstabbing' bank-raid event to America at any given time. The possible correlation is not difficult to see. Be aware - the playact always precedes the real in the dark world of the mystical Kabalists.
 Rev. 18:4

Note also the (very-obvious) unique occult identifier #23 [link] connected to this 'financial crisis' plot-line (230 trillion).

*see: As-above-so-below 1-9-13 Wall Street Ferry Crash; 3-26 Passover [follow links, connect dots]
1Tim 6:10 '...the love of money is the root of all evil'

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