Update: Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" - Starts Petition For NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda

Follow up on: Rick Warren Reports Son Used "Unregistered Gun" - And Gun Control, 'Mental Health', Purpose Driven 4-12-13 "It would not be a surprise if this incident becomes part of the equation regarding these global-agenda issues, possibly even becoming a platform for Warren to press the issue" - Purpose-Driven social-works networks pushing the mandatory 'mental health evaluations' agenda...fits exactly with what is described in this article posted a little more than three months ago: 'Mental Health America' Asks Congress For Forced Psychological Screenings; re: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Etc. 1-7-13..."Mental health and substance abuse services must be fully integrated with quality medical care...Create a public education, training, and screening campaign on mental illness and addictions and emphasize the value of treatment....[see post]
Pastor Rick Warren and his wife have launched a petition about mental illness after their son’s suicide

“Join Kay and I, and the Saddleback Family, in our effort to urge educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations to raise the awareness and lower the stigma of mental illness … and support the families that deal with mental illness on a daily basis,” the petition reads.

“Matthew was just one of about 11.4 million American adults that suffered from severe mental illness in the past year,” the petition states. “In fact, one in five Americans experiences some sort of mental illness.

Warren has taken to social media to grieve over the family's loss. They family has also started a foundation on mental health in Matthew Warren’s name. He was memorialized this weekend in a private ceremony.

Warren's son reported to have taken his own life [link 4-7-13], an unregistered gun that cannot be traced or linked to anybody [see 'follow up' above], and a private memorial service, all in about a weeks time. And that is the whole story. Over and done, as fast as it came, it goes away...except for, amazing how that works, the new platform that Rick Warren has now been placed upon. That would be the platform to urge "educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations" to get on board with the NWO agenda for an Orwellian population control mechanism via so-called 'mental health screening'. A pilot program for this very thing has already begun in New York, coming about in typical ordo-ab-chao fashion in the wake of Sandy Hook :

NY Passes New Gun Controls And Turns "Mental Health Professionals" Into Big Brother 1-15-13 "The most significant new element would require mental health professionals to report to local mental health officials when they believe that patients are likely to harm themselves or others." - This is a population control mechanism being put in place. There is a door opening here - one where so-called "mental health professionals" are being given the power ultimately to determine who is and who is not 'fit' for their now 'dawning' novus ordo seclorum kingdom-come. [see post]

Warren's statement that "one in five Americans experiences some sort of mental illness" is as Orwellian of a statement as could possibly be made, and reveals clearly just how perfectly in lockstep Warren is with the cabalist global scheme to population-control through forced mental health evaluations. More than likely that one-in-five figure Warren uses is coming out of a brand-new revision of the so-called 'psychiatric bible', the DSM. As this article below explains, the DSM has just undergone a 13-year process of revising [note the #13 numerology; see: Warren Launches Purpose-Driven Radio April Fools Day], and apparently now has a designation of 'disorder' for just about anything imaginable. "Redefining crazy" is what the author titled the article, and makes the statement that the new DSM will in fact "change the world of mental health".

Redefining Crazy: Changes to the Bible of Psychiatric Disorders 12-3-12 healthland.time.com "The American Psychiatric Association (APA) finalized a 13-year process of revising the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, commonly known as the DSM, the most important book in the field of mental illness. The DSM attempts to designate and code all the ways our minds can go awry. It defines depression, anxiety, schizophrenia — as well as more than 300 other problems from obsessive-compulsive disorder to stuttering to fetishism...It’s no exaggeration to say that the new DSM — the fifth full edition, one that more than 1,500 mental-health experts help write — will change the world of mental health.

Reportedly the newly-revised DSM will be published next month, May, at which time the specific details will be made known. The "impact is predicted to be huge, affecting millions of children and adults worldwide". [source]

What is afoot is very obvious. A system of gatekeeping for the Jewish-Zionist new world order
[see: 'tikkun olam'] is being put in place. It is being set-up so that everybody is going to at some point have to 'pass the interview'...or be labeled as having a 'mental illness' of some sort. From there, who knows what the plan is. Maybe it's FEMA 're-education' camps or forced drugging - at the very least it seems that it would mean some type of Big Brother controls applied to those "one in five" individuals. At any rate, it is not yet, but it is definitely beginning, and Rick Warren, byway of the very strange and sudden 'turn of events' with regard to his son, is now a mouthpiece for the agenda. Purpose-driven followers, you are being taken for a ride. Here is nothing to do with Christianity in any way shape or form. But, it does have everything to do with Antichrist-globalism. Recommend exit stage right asap - Jer. 51: 6.  [follow links, connect dots]

Rev. 18:4


Kathy said...

I so totally agree with you. I am an RN and I have specialized in the psych field for 30 years. I really shouldn't say more than that, at least until I retire or no longer need to keep my job.

tom m. said...

Hi Kathy,

Well, if/when they try to deputize you to be a 'Big Brother informer'...

Just keeping it light...but this really is going to be a huge issue. Like the article referenced in the post (from a Huffington Post article) says, the new DSM is going to affect "millions...worldwide". Hope we can inform as many as possible...

Kathy said...

Yes, keep up the good work - inform as many as possible. It is very important to NOT have a psychiatric diagnosis or even a psych medication prescribed to you. EVER! NEVER! It can (and will) be used against you in the NWO, I really believe.