Update: Rick Warren Reports Son Used "Unregistered Gun" - And Gun Control, 'Mental Health', Purpose Driven

This post is a follow up: Rick Warren's Son Reportedly Takes Own Life; Global Agenda Of Gun Control And 'Mental Health' 4-7-13 "As for the reports of the son of Rick Warren taking his own life, no comment will be made. Rather than that, a very brief observation on the circumstances of the incident, which is to simply note how remarkably the scenario as described fits the current political narrative concerning the global-agenda issues of gun control and mental health...It would not be a surprise if this incident becomes part of the equation regarding these global-agenda issues, possibly even becoming a platform for Warren to press the issue" [see post]
Rick Warren: Son used unregistered gun in suicide

Pastor Rick Warren has tweeted that his son killed himself with an unregistered gun purchased through the Internet...Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said Thursday that the gun's serial number was scratched off.

It's illegal in California to buy a gun without a background check and purchasers are supposed to register their firearms. Defacing a gun's serial number is a federal offense...He and his wife have said their son struggled with depression. They have set up a mental health fund in Matthew's memory.

An unregistered gun...from the internet....with the serial number scratched off. And, according to the report, Warren and wife have set up a "mental health fund". What is the take away from this next part of the Warren-son story? The reality is that it is exactly what was suggested in the original 4-7-13 post on this story ['follow up' linked above] - that is that this incident would become "part of the equation" regarding the gun-control and so-called 'mental health' agendas, and that Warren would in fact suddenly have a platform from which to press the issues. And just like that, there it is, and here he is.

As the story goes, son of Warren was able to bypass the California requirements by 'buying an unregistered gun online'. Obviously this will be interpreted as proof that federal gun controls and registration, also applying to the internet and superseding all state regulations, must be enacted. Just the type of things the NWO gun-control agenda calls for. Next it is to be noted that Purpose-Driven promoter Warren is now involved in the 'mental health' field also, this situation turning to an opportunity to launch a "mental-health fund", as stated in the article. NWO Purpose-Driven social-works networks pushing the mandatory 'mental health evaluations' agenda may just be where this is going, as that scenario fits exactly with what is described in this article posted a little more than three months ago:

'Mental Health America' Asks Congress For Forced Psychological Screenings; re: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Etc. 1-7-13 "Mental health and substance abuse services must be fully integrated with quality medical care...Create a public education, training, and screening campaign on mental illness and addictions and emphasize the value of treatment...Adding Mental Health First Aid, Emotional CPR to trainings for students, parents, teachers, employers, and community groups will help us all become more proficient in recognizing issues and supporting each other to get help...We must teach people that recovery from mental illnesses or addictions is possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends routine mental health checkups for all adolescents and the Society of Adolescent Medicine supports early identification of mental illness as a critical standard of care." ...Gun control is for the most part getting all the attention, but an even darker and more sinister goal of the hydra-headed novus ordo seclorum monster is also showing it's ugly menacing face in the wake of this recent climax of back to back to back population-control implementation productions playing out of late at political rallies (Gabby Giffords), theatres (Aurora), malls (Oregon), and schools (Sandy Hook). Productions? What else can they be? Exactly how bad does the situation have to 'appear' to be in order to justify forced psychological screenings on "all adolescents", along with "public education" for all, and "early intervention strategies", even for children from birth to five years old? - ...note the...clause...which states that "mental health...services must be fully integrated with quality health care". This can only mean forced "mental health" screenings eventually for all"

One thing more, also interesting, which is the report that the reported gun had the serial number scratched off. This being the case, it is virtually end-of-story right there. No one can ever be linked to it - case closed, move along move along, nothing to see here.

Gun control, 'mental health', and "Purpose-Driven"... are now all permanently linked though. Just noticing.
 Rev. 18:4
4-18-13 update: Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" - Starts Petition For NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda
1John 1:5 'God is light, and in him is no darkness at all'

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