Boston 'Bombing' Real Or Staged? Decide For Yourself - Photos, Videos

Follow up on: Here They Come: 'Because Of Boston', May 3-4, 2013 Kentucky Derby To Roll-Out Police State 'Security' 4-24-13  "Telegraphed in the now infamous "Family Guy" episode, lead character essentially named 'Joker' [see at bottom], thousands of endlessly conflicting stories serving to create and maintain confusion...as well as hundreds of photos and videos (as those who have made the effort to look for themselves know) raising far more questions than are answered - regardless of all these 'non-issues' - 'Dictatorship Amerika' is now taking another 'giant' step forward...The alleged issues raised by the photographs and videos primarily have to do with the question of whether or not the 'bombing' was real or was it completely staged. That is another subject, not the main issue though. Either way, the question of responsibility for the 'crisis' still remains. Real or staged (9/11 was real buildings imploding), the result is the same...If there is one thing that is very clear at this point, through the smoke and mirrors that is, is that the official narrative will never be derailed. [see post]
As the official narrative continues to spin into an ever-widening vortex of GWOT propaganda to police state the USA, with maybe even bigger things on the horizon - like claimed connections to larger groups being a possible explanation if there just-so happened to be any future 'events', perhaps eventually even working up to a pretext for more Zionist global domination war - it is likely many have still not seen the questionable photographs or any of the literally hundreds of videos that have been made on 4-15-13 Boston. For that reason, and before the constantly changing "official narrative" gets any farther away from the original happening than it already has (and it's on full speed ahead), below are a few examples. Being fully informed is an imperative nowadays in order to see through the constant stream of fiction offered up by the usual sources, even though it can sometimes be an unpleasant task. Sorting through this Boston stuff qualifies in that regard. The only other option though is ignorance. Fyi:

First: "Boston Bomb Drill Made Into A Hoax?" (Rant and strong-profanity warning on this first video. With that, the photographic evidence reviewed in this 17-min. video has been the subject of numerous videos and even start-up websites, and this particular video gives a good basic overview of the 'double-amputee' question)

[video no longer exists]

Screenshots from a different video also no longer in existence:

Next is documentation on 'Amputee Actors' - [:24] "On this simulated battlefield, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not....We call it hyper-realistic"; [:38] "a movie set..."

Third video addresses the issue of the 'Family Guy' non-hoax (i.e. the clip is real)

Fourth is a screen shot [15:17] from the first video above [the mia originally posted 17:00 video; same picture as the now-posted screenshot though], with a perfectly positioned sign (presumably to have encouraged a group of runners crossing the finish line) somehow making it into the photo. Hidden in plain sight?

Be fully informed.  Rev. 18:4
also: Boston A Psy-op 'Hokz'? Joker (Dzhokhar) On The Loose In Dark Knight Rising Spin-Off? 4-19-13 "'Dzhokhar' anagram - hokz hard"


John Cole said...

Boston Bomb Hoax: Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off


Christsfreeservnt said...

Question: Who took all these pictures? Someone took these pictures so someone had to be standing there watching when they got the scene ready with blood. So the people taking the photos must have been inside people. Then that same someone leaked these pictures. If ordinary citizens took some of these shots then wouldn't they have been standing there watching when the blood was added? How would you go about setting up this scene with blood after-the-fact with people watching? So, perhaps these photos are all part of the act. In other words, I don't believe all these loose ends are accidental. I believe they want to keep the American people confused and fighting among each other, so it is highly possible that these photos came from the same source as the "acting". How else do you explain the blood suddenly appearing and no one catching that on film?

tom m. said...

Have searched and the source of the photos is nowhere to be found. The video maker just says they were 'released'. Presumably that would have to be by unknown media sources or govt.

It is curious. The video maker made the same remark, suggesting that they must have wanted people to see them.

Notice also the whole thing took place behind barriers - fences, scaffolding - it was completely contained.

It seems possible that the entire event was intended to be a "hidden-in-plain-sight" thing.

They even named the villain 'Joker'