Another Christchurch "Quake"? As Above So Below "Liquefaction"?

Christchurch earthquake swarm leaves liquefaction and rock falls radio.co.nz

The head of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority says liquefaction in parts of Christchurch following Friday's swarm of earthquakes is as bad as after the September earthquake in 2010.

Roger Sutton flew over the city and says he say extensive liquefaction and flooding in the eastern suburbs, particularly in Bexley, Dallington, Wainoni, Avonside and Parklands.
Mr Sutton says there is also further damage to buildings within the cordoned-off city centre, including to Christchurch Cathedral. A Radio New Zealand News journalist has described dramatic scenes during Friday's earthquakes, including liquefaction and giant clouds of dust from rocks shearing off cliffs.

The initial 5.8 earthquake struck at 1.58pm on Friday and has been followed by a swarm of aftershocks. A 6-magnitude tremor hit at 3.18pm and another measuring 5 at 4.50pm. All have been centred in Pegasus Bay between 10 and 20 kilometres east of Christchurch at depths as shallow as 6km.

This post is a follow up on the September 2010 'earthquake': Christchurch (New Zealand) Devastated By Massive Earthquake: 'As Above, So below'? 9-3-10 "There can be no real dispute that the cabalist/illuminati [is] thoroughly 'anti-christ' in their Satanic beliefs. And, of course, the real Antichrist would like nothing better than to "devastate" the real 'Christ's church' here on earth, and is actually working overtime to do so right now. ...was this event then an 'enactment' - a Cabalist/Antichrist proclamation of victory in their 2000 year-long effort to destroy "Christ's church" on earth?" [see post]

Including today, this would be the fourth major 'quake event' to hit Christchurch NZ in the last fifteen months, starting with the September 2010 'event' mentioned in the posted article and directly above, another almost precisely one year ago on Christmas day 2010, followed up by a third two months after that in February 2011.

"Liquefaction" seems to be a new term associated with earthquake damage as a result of these 'quake events'. It means what it sounds like - liquifying. As the official explanation goes in regard to the situation in Christchurch, the ground that the city is built on is essentially being liquified by the 'quakes'. Despite this "liquefaction", the rebuilding of Christchurch has continued, but of late some 'experts' are suggesting that it should not be permitted: 8-4-2011 Canterbury University associate professor of civil and natural resources engineering Misko Cubrinovski, who gave a public lecture on liquefaction last night, told The Press there was a good indication that the entire "residential red zone" had weak soils. "Robust" measures, including better foundations and strengthened or compacted soils, would be needed if the worst-affected areas were to be rebuilt, he said. However, in some areas, reaching an acceptable standard and performance would be too expensive, he said. "They [the Government] should be looking at alternative ways of using that land," he said.."

That "public lecture on liquefaction'' was of course back in August. With today's quake-event, as we are now told, the "liquefaction" is even worse. How many more 'liquefaction events' can Christchurch withstand before "the government" decides to look for "alternative ways of using that land"? Is Christchurch being incrementally liquified off the face of the earth in a symbolized 'as-above-so-below' ritual? [Eph 6:12]

(Note also that the reported location is Pegasus Bay - named no doubt after the winged horse of Greek mythology, Pegasus. Pegasus, as the mythology goes, is the offspring of the Greek god of the sea himself, Poseidon, who has the power to cause earthquakes [dictionary.com]. Steeped in the occult - but we will leave it for now)
The timeline: 9-6-10 NZ Quake Anomaly-Update: 'Fault' Is Unknown; Earth Ripped Apart 11 Feet "Very strange also, the anomaly of the quake having hit where there was no existing fault, bypassing an existing and relatively nearby active fault...But, that existing and active fault was not located in Christchurch now either..."

New Zealand Quake Update: After 'Chaos', 'New Order' Dictatorship Being Tested "New Zealand government uses earthquake to enact sweeping new powers"..."The government has already announced that it is considering introducing a permanent version of the Act that could be applied in the event of any future emergency."

'Christmas day' Christchurch Quake: "Buildings Exploding "...another is quoted as saying "this one [4.9] was a lot more violent" than the much larger 7.4 quake of almost four months ago."

Christchurch Quake Update: NWO Says A Mysterious New Fault Line Is At Fault "The devastating earthquake that tore through Christchurch on Tuesday [2-22-11] is the product of a new fault line in the Earth’s crust that seismologists were previously unaware of " - Official NWO explanation for the devastating Christchurch quakes: 'Oh imagine that...as it turns out there actually is a fault line causing these unexplainable NZ quakes and it just happens to run RIGHT under Christchurch...funny how we never knew anything about it before...and with it laying there for 10,000 years or so'

see: Manmade Earthquakes? 'Maybe We Are' Says UCLA Researcher 10-15-10
Virginia quake and 3-28-11 Newsweek "Apocalypse Now" cover

Follow links, connect dots. Rev. 18:4

update 1-1-12
1John 5:5,19 'Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?...And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness'

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