NWO Takedown Of America Advances: Unmanned Drone Used To Arrest 'Battlefield USA American Extremists'

Update on: Obviously Controlled US Senators 'Shred' Constitution, Vote 93-7 To Strip All Rights of Americans 12-2-11 "...[it introduces] the new paradigm of the idea of America now being a battlefield. This bill could fail but that idea will not be allowed to go away"
Drones Officially Take Flight For Domestic Law Enforcement

In a precedent-setting event, local law enforcement in North Dakota nabbed three suspected armed men with the help of a Predator B unmanned drone. It was only after the drone confirmed that the men were unarmed that police moved in to make the arrest.

It has now become clear that, as we have written and warned about for the past year, the drones that were supposedly commissioned strictly as tools for border control will now patrol inland for suspected criminals on American soil, heralding a new level of police state oppression.

Beyond the troubling announcement that military drones have arrived from overseas to conduct operations in America, the way in which this first arrest was made — and the family that was targeted — should be equally disturbing.

The Brossart family are owners of a 3,000-acre ranch who were reported to police for stray cows that had entered a neighboring property. When the Sheriff arrived with a search warrant he said he was forced off the property at gunpoint. Apparently, the Sheriff feared that this could turn into another Ruby Ridge incident:

The six adult Brossarts allegedly belonged to the Sovereign Citizen Movement, an antigovernment group that the FBI considers extremist and violent. The family had repeated run-ins with local police, including the arrest of two family members earlier that day arising from their clash with a deputy over the cattle.

This incident too comfortably fits the new narrative which seeks to justify an expansion of the War on Terror by including America as the new war zone, thus enabling all military hardware to be used, and eradicating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. These Sovereign Citizens, as “extremist and violent” by decree, have received the very same treatment as those in the Middle East and North Africa who are suspected insurgents or enemy combatants.

Now that the precedent has been set — with a supporting narrative to boot — the full spectrum of the drone capability is set to be unleashed in America. Everything from spotting “adversarial intent” to facial recognition, soft biometrics, general threat assessments and even nano drones that mimic nature itself. And don’t think that weaponization is far off.

As the author of the above article clearly points out, this precedent setting drone-arrest coincides all-too perfectly with the still-pending "Battlefield USA" so-called Defense Authorization Bill awaiting codification and final passage in the U.S. House and Senate. As seen though, regardless of what happens with the specific clause in the bill which includes American citizens, the concept of "Battlefield USA" is here to stay - drones are already being launched, and no doubt they will be used to complement the TSA VIPR's which recently started to roam the highways [here; 11-8-11]. Police state coverage land and sky compliments of the fake-GWOT; first quantum-leaped in America as a result of the obviously imploded 9-11 towers.

America's assimilation into the Zionist global kingdom was scripted long ago. It is without question in the final stages. Be very aware.

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